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Jasper National Park

by WCC on February 16, 2012

in North America

Jasper National Park - In the Canadian province of Alberta, located Jasper National Park was in 1907 and founded, with its 10,878 km ² area of the largest National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains , by the UNESCO for World Heritage declared.

jesper national park Jasper National Park

jesper national park

At the beginning of the 19th Century there was a fur trading post of Hudson’s Bay Company at the present site Jasper , who in 1914 – was officially formed – seven years after the establishment of the Jasper National Park. The park has many large animal species , such as moose , elk , mule deer , bighorn sheep , mountain goat , black bear , grizzly bear , lynx , wolf and coyote . Especially in the valley of the Maligne River, still home to the rare woodland caribou . [1] The animals are sometimes a little shy, especially the elk walk blithely through the town of Jasper and eat the flowers in front yards.

jesper national park winter Jasper National Park

jesper national park winter

Jasper is known for many wildlife. bighorn sheep , deer , beavers , moose , snow goats , reindeer , wolves , grizzly bears and black bears thrive here very well. This is quite unusual, since most of the park at high altitude. The game must share the valley with many tourists. The advantages and disadvantages of this fine hair may be explained by a park ranger .

jesper national park waterfalls Jasper National Park

jesper national park waterfalls

Because in Jasper National Park many bears live, the Board has placed signs everywhere saying ‘You are in Bear Country “to the tourists incite caution. There are also many large signs along the road warning of wildlife crossing. Particularly for the reindeer This is important since this population is getting smaller, partly because many animals perish in crossing the road. The signs are therefore especially in places where deer regularly seen.

jesper national park river Jasper National Park

jesper national park river

There are several glaciers in this park, including those of the Columbia Ice Field . In order to get to most attractions is the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93) of 230 km (143 miles) of Lake Louise in Banff National Park to Jasper .

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