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Italy, Food at its Finest

by WCC on January 13, 2012

in Europe

Italy is a beautiful country, known for its spectacular history, sites and of course, its food. It is a nation which is bound by the Mediterranean sea, to the north lies France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. This land is very diverse, the differences between northern Italy and southern Italy is expansive, not just in climate, but people as well. Of all the places I have traveled (including France), none are able to captivate my taste-buds more then this region of the world. The rumors are true, Italians know how to cook, my god, what an understatement. Some of the meals that I have had here are nothing short of  amazing.

italy city Italy, Food at its Finest

Here, eating is a way of life, it is a time for family, stories and of course, all that Italian cooking is known for. Traditionally dinner is a light meal, made up of many courses, and may take several hours to complete. It will consist of cold dishes as well as hot, and typically end with espresso and “Digestivo”. Traditionally this will be Grappa, Amaro or Limoncello.

italy Italy, Food at its Finest

Along the west coast of Italy, stretching from north to south, including the Italian Riviera in Liguria and the Gulf of Naples in Campania. The east coast is from Trieste to the Gargano in the north of Apulia (according to other accounts: to the Strait of Otranto) and the Italian Adriatic coast.

italy food Italy, Food at its Finest

italy beach Italy, Food at its Finest



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