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Isla Gorgona Colombia (Gorgona Island)

by WCC on June 2, 2012

in South America

The Gorgona Island is a volcanic island located 35 km west of the coast peaceful Colombia. The island has a length of 9 km by 2.5 km wide with an area of about 2600 ha of land area or about insular, and 61 687.5 ha of marine area. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Guapi, department of Cauca. It was discovered by Diego de Almagro in the year 1524 , his original name was San Felipe but was changed by Francisco Pizarro because the large number of snakes on the island that reminded him of the Gorgons of Greek mythology who, instead hair, wore snakes in the head.

isla gorgona colombia Isla Gorgona Colombia (Gorgona Island)

isla gorgona colombia

The relief is mountainous Gorgon, which ends in the Cerro La Trinidad with a height of 338 meters [citation needed] is the largest mountain on the island. Forming the backbone of the island are in addition to the Trinity, the hills The Micos, La Esperanza and the Mirador. On the eastern side are white sandy beaches, with the presence of corals, while on the western side there are cliffs lashed by the sea. This is because in the east of Gorgona the ocean is calmer than in the west and therefore allows coral outcrops that protect the beaches of the constant sea erosion. Pizarro Beach is located northeast of Gorgona and is the place where Francisco Pizarro landed.

Southwest of the island Gorgona lies another much smaller island called Gorgonilla island, with a maximum height of 90 m, [ citation needed ] and three islets, of which the largest is called “The Widow island.” These islands are separated from Gorgona by the “passing of Tasca”, about 400 meters long and about 5 to 10 m deep. Before they could cross over on foot at low tide, but due to the sinking of the ocean floor by the earthquake of 1980 is no longer possible.

isla gorgona island Isla Gorgona Colombia (Gorgona Island)

isla gorgona island

isla gorgona tours Isla Gorgona Colombia (Gorgona Island)

isla gorgona tours

isla gorgona national park Isla Gorgona Colombia (Gorgona Island)

isla gorgona national park

It is warm in the months September and October the rains are frequent because the relative humidity of the island is 90%, on this island any time is considered dry and frequent fogs and mists. The island’s average temperature is 28 ° C. The less rainy months are February and March.

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