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by WCC on January 30, 2012

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Ireland is an island country on the same island of Ireland. It is bordered to the north by the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) and is in the east of the Irish Sea and west and south by the Atlantic Ocean surrounded. Ireland since 1973 Member of the European Union. A large proportion of the population is committed to the Roman Catholic faith.

ireland Ireland


The population of Ireland was the mid-19th Century drastically. Crop failures, famine and repression by the English rule left the population of some 6.5 million (including the population of northern Britain to still belong to parts of the country) to shrink in 1841. The independence of the Republic in 1921 the population was exclusively of densely populated Northern Ireland’s 3.0 million. Many Irishmen emigrated, mainly to Great Britain and the United States. The independence from Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the early 1920s did lead to gradual improvements in living conditions, the population shrank, but still, though not quite as strong.

The nadir was reached at around 2.82 million inhabitants in the 1960s. Since then the population has again developed positively, with approximately 4.5 million inhabitants (more than 6 million including Northern Ireland) now represents the state of the mid-19th Century reached. Although the increase is primarily due to immigration, but also by births than deaths.

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ireland women

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ireland landscape Ireland

ireland landscape

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ireland girls

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ireland dublin

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