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by WCC on February 22, 2012

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Indonesia is a distributed over numerous islands in the country south-east Asia .Bali is the principal objective, but we should even bother trying to make, for example from Bandung to Cirebon to drive or to the south coast, there is the real Indonesia. But a tour from Jakarta to Bandung via Puncak Pass is the very interesting!

indonesia panorama 550x412 Indonesia

indonesia panorama

Equatorial prevails in Indonesia due to tropical humid climate! In the capitals, the temperature at night usually still 25 degrees Celsius. For foreigners the higher altitudes are favorable and pleasant. Therefore, these were preferred even by the Dutch during the colonial period. Bandung is very pleasant (800 meters) where such Lembang and the Puncak Pass, the route from Jakarta to Bandung is a cool climate, especially at night ! In the rainy season (approximately from October to April) it has partly to be expected with many days of rainfall. So be careful what time of year to book his trip to Indonesia! On the coasts it’s muggy and humid throughout the year, the nights do not provide cooling.

German citizens need for 01 February 2004 a visa to enter Indonesia. The visa is issued on arrival and costs U.S. $ 25 for a stay of up to thirty days, payable in $ U.S.. A seven-day stay cost $ U.S. 10 Euros can be exchanged. The “7 Days” Visa has since early 2010, but canceled. The issue of the return of money made ​​in Indonesian Rupiah. The payment by Visa and MasterCard is possible. The Foreign Office advises that for practical reasons, the amount in the entry to fit in $ U.S. have available. A one-time extension of tourist visa “OnArrival visas” (30 days) is possible, this extension can be obtained from “Kantor Emigrasi ‘request, costs about 400.000.IRP. If a longer stay planned, must be applied for a visa before traveling. The visa is issued for tourist and business trips. There must be some expected significant delays at the border.

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indonesia mountain

In Java everything is, at least by our standards, extremely cheap. However, one such effort to find clothes in his size, because the Asians but smaller and narrower than we are Europeans. In the artists’ town of Ubud (in Bali ), there are plenty of opportunities for shopping. As the purse is fast easier. Bali is a bit more expensive than Java , but still cheap. There are many fine craftsmanship and images of alleged antique but you should already have more experience! The purchase and export of real antiques can lead to significant problems with the Indonesian customs. If you notice here at the officer can give a lot of trouble and who does not want to Indonesia “Square Cafe” land that can be set to several thousands of euros in bribes.

Especially in Java you have to always pay attention to rickshaw drivers, who follow a common. These indicate in shops or hotels, that they had communicated to customers and receive commission from the retailers that are added to the purchase price. All over Indonesia like the popular tie-dyed batik sarongs or images / materials often of inferior quality (not UV resistant, waterproof, …) are sold, so one should always insist on the ‘water test’ in which the selected oject with a dripping wet cloth is rubbed off. When this happens nothing real batik. In general, caution in the terms “batik”, “type” and “Exhibition” is offered, which often serve only to sell mass-produced tourist. Prices are generally tied to the dollar, so different that the current pricing, often from those described in travel guides.

For a trip to Java and Bali, hepatitis A and B vaccination is recommended. Then, there are potential boosters for polio and typhoid necessary. Since in many areas, waterlogged or (in Jakarta!), One should think of malaria prophylaxis? With water you should be very careful to drink only boiled and take only boiled water for brushing teeth! A universal agent is potassium permanganate, which is available in crystal form at any pharmacy or drugstore. So you can take normal tap water for brushing teeth. Nor can this fruit, you must wash and disinfect,! Please also make ice cubes with boiled water. Beware of ice cream from stalls along the road, this is normal water used! The simplest solution is usually to buy water in sealed plastic bottles – from leading manufacturers! The cost per 1.5 liter bottle in the supermarket are located at 3000-5000 IRP.

A good and compact first aid kit should not be missed, especially effective against diarrhea. Charcoal tablets for diarrhea are not recommended, you should use them only in cases of poisoning. Instead of a malaria prophylaxis can also be taken as Lariam as rescue medication. Overall, it was possible, but always wear long clothing and use insect repellent and mosquito nets funds, so mosquito bites may be largely avoided. Care should also be against the dengue fever infections in Java have increased dramatically. The striped mosquitoes can transmit the virus, they are particularly active during the day. The selection of the drug and its side effects or personal adjustment, and incompatibilities with other drugs should be discussed according to the Travel section (duration, location and time) carefully before departure with a tropical medicine / travel medicine.

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indonesian girls

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indonesia map

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indonesia flag

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indonesia beaches

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indonesia bali

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