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Indiana, USA

by WCC on March 10, 2012

in North America

Indiana (is a state of the United States of America , the capital is Indianapolis. The postal abbreviation of the state is IN. Residents of Indiana are Hoosier called, hence the nickname “The Hoosier State”. Indiana means “land of Indians.” Indiana is bordered by Lake Michigan and the State of Michigan limited to the east by Ohio , southern Indiana is shared with Kentucky the Ohio River as a border river, the west is Illinois . Highest Point in Indiana Hoosier Hill in Wayne County (383 m).

indiana city Indiana, USA

indiana city

Before the first Europeans came to Indiana, there lived Delaware , Miami , Potawatomi , Shawnee , and Wea Indians. In 1679 entered French researchers from the north country. From 1763 the country fell to the British , who used it for the time being no. 1787 Indiana was part of the Northwest Territory . 1800 was the North West territory shrunk to the size of the future state of Ohio, the rest (including the future state of Indiana) was an independent territory with the name “Indiana Territory.” With the creation of the Michigan Territory in 1805 and the Illinois Territory in 1809, the Indiana Territory was reduced to the area of present-day state. Indiana joined the Union in 1816 as the 19th State at. Already in 1829 was Indiana Colonization Society , modeled on the American Colonization Society . Both organization had the goal of the Afro-Americans, a new home to create, in this case, the Indiana Territory was selected because it was expected that the costly repatriation to Liberia in West Africa be possible only for a limited period and group of people would. The current U.S. state of Indiana maintains that reason privileged relations with Liberia.

indiana indianapolis Indiana, USA

indiana indianapolis

indiana anderson falls Indiana, USA

indiana anderson falls

indiana statehouse Indiana, USA

indiana statehouse

The main public universities are in the Indiana University system, with headquarters in Bloomington and Purdue University system with headquarters in West Lafayette together. Other state universities are Ball State University and Indiana State University . The best-known private university, the University of Notre Dame . Other universities are in the list of universities in Indiana reported.

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