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Ilha do Mosqueiro – Brazil

by WCC on May 21, 2012

in South America

The island of Mosqueiro is an administrative district of the city of Bethlehem Mosqueiro is a river island located on the east coast of the Pará River , the southern arm of the Amazon River , opposite the bay of Guajará . It has an area of approximately 212 km ² and is located 70 km away from downtown Bethlehem . It has 17 km of fresh water beaches with movement of the tide .

Ilha do Mosqueiro Brazil Ilha do Mosqueiro   Brazil

Ilha do Mosqueiro Brazil

The name “Mosqueiro” comes from the ancient practice of “moqueio” the fish by the Indians who inhabited the island tupinambás. In the early 80 sailors discovered the potential of the island for windsurfing and sailing in a geral.Por over twenty years, was mandatory for yachtsmen point Pará, including sailors Torben Grael and Robert Sheidt already been there . A small group of sailors, along with kite lovers, still trying to keep alive the “candle” in Mosqueiro that both beautifies and enlivens the hot days on the island.

Ilha do Mosqueiro beach Ilha do Mosqueiro   Brazil

Ilha do Mosqueiro beach

ilha do mosqueiro sunset Ilha do Mosqueiro   Brazil

ilha do mosqueiro sunset

pin it button Ilha do Mosqueiro   Brazil

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