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Ilha do Mel Brazil

by WCC on May 27, 2012

in South America

The Ilha do Mel is an island off the coast of Brazil in the Bay of Paranaguá in the State of Paraná , with an area of 27.62 km ² and about 35 km beach line . The island has about 1,000 inhabitants and is about 115 km east of Curitiba, located in the district of Paranaguá.

There are several theories about how the island got its name can be

  • Before the Second World War to the island as an island of Admiral flour have been known to frequently visited the island with his family
  • Set to rest sailors operated on the island of beekeeping and exported honey
  • The water of the island contains mercury . Upon contact with salt water , it gets a honey-like color
  • Even the indigenous inhabitants were bees and beekeeping operation.
Ilha do Mel brazil Ilha do Mel Brazil

Ilha do Mel brazil

The Ilha do Mel is a major tourism destination in the Paraná and Tourism is the main source of income for the island. There are many simple and inexpensive mostly small pousadas . More than 90% of the island are protected, and there is therefore a restriction on the number of visitors to a maximum of 5,000 people per day, however, is not adequately monitored. The best time to visit the island summer between December and March, because it rains a lot during the other months.

Ilha do Mel tours Ilha do Mel Brazil

Ilha do Mel tours

brazil ilha do mel Ilha do Mel Brazil

brazil ilha do mel

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