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Idaho – United States of America

by WCC on March 13, 2012

in North America

Idaho is a state in northwestern United States. Bordering north Idaho to the State Kandadischen British Columbia , east to Oregon and Washington , south to Nevada and Utah and west leigt Idaho to Montana and Wyoming . The state has a size of 216,632 km ² and has since 1890 to the largest countries of the United States.

idaho Idaho   United States of America


The capital city is Boise. The state is also called the Gem State (Gem State) called. The name of the State of Idaho comes from the Indian word “Ee-dah-how” of the Shoshone ago, about what mutatis mutandis means “light on the mountains.” Other sources claim that this translation will be a free invention of mine eccentric lobbyist George M. Willing.

idaho scenery Idaho   United States of America

idaho scenery

idaho mountains wallpaper Idaho   United States of America

idaho mountains wallpaper

idaho mountains Idaho   United States of America

idaho mountains

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idaho rock climbing

The landscape is mountainous with pristine areas in Idaho. The south of the state is through the arch of the Snake River Plain coined, which stretches over some 600 km from east to west across the entire state. Their immediate environment is still the Basin and Range structure of the Great Basin influences. The entire rest of the state belongs to the Rocky Mountains . Minerals are present in large quantities. The waters of the Snake River roars through the Hells Canyon , deeper than the Grand Canyon is. The Shoshone Falls plunge from rough rocks from a height greater than the depth of the Niagara Falls . The highest point in Idaho is Borah Peak (3859 m) in Custer County . Of the 216,446 km² large state space (ranked 14th among the states), are 2133 km ² of water surface (1%). About 47% of the country is forested. We’ll update the travel guide more complete after we get more information.

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