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by WCC on January 30, 2012

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Iceland is approximately 103,000 sq km (land area: 100.25 thousand km², water surface area: 2750 sq km, with fishing area 758,000 km²) – after the United Kingdom – in terms of area’s second largest island nation in Europe. In the North Atlantic lying main island is the largest volcanic island on earth and is located just south of the northern polar circle. Since summer 2010, Iceland’s EU accession candidate. In addition, the island country is a founding member of NATO.

iceland waterfall Iceland

iceland waterfall

The landscape is both by volcanism characterized, on the other hand, also by the abundance of water. There are numerous rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Below is the Dettifoss the most energetic waterfall in Europe, measured by the volume of water per second × height. The Icelandic highlands in the center of the island is a periglacial desert and is virtually uninhabited.

The coastline, whose length is 4970 km, is in the fjords heavily rutted. Iceland is relatively sparsely populated: At 40 km ² are on average two to four houses. The highest point of the island is Hvannadalshnúkur with 2110 m. See also: Iceland’s fjords, glaciers of Iceland, the Icelandic list Islands, volcanoes in Iceland, Iceland’s waterfalls, List of high plains and mountain passes in Iceland, rivers.

iceland landscape Iceland

iceland landscape

iceland girls Iceland

iceland girls

iceland city Iceland

iceland city

iceland blue lagoon Iceland

iceland blue lagoon

iceland Iceland


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