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Hurghada, Egypt

by WCC on June 5, 2012

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Hurghada is the largest Egyptian tourist center on the Red Sea . Hurghada has some 160,000 inhabitants, of whom about 10,000 without legal residence papers, mostly from the Nilstädten . Hurghada is since the 1980 years of American , European and Arab investors to by far the leading resort on the Red Sea extended.

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One million visitors in 2004. The greatest part are visitors from Germany, England, Russia and the former Soviet republics. Numerous shells and new tourism complexes determine the appearance. Hurghada has it developed into a resort that stretches along the coast. Many tourist facilities and spacious new apartment buildings are inspired by Eastern styles. Near the city is the international airport of Hurghada .

The coastal conurbation of Hurghada, which extends over more than 30 km, consists of:

  • the original center ad-Dahar (Downtown) in the north – an initial administrative center for the oil fields in the Gulf of Suez
  • the tourist area south of the peninsula as-Siqala (which is most consistently used sign lettering El Sekalla)
  • which extends along the coast because a chain-like following and extending far to the south of the flat areas and luxury hotels.

The name derives from the word for “pier” from. It was a port here, not before. The huge number of tourists exceeds the local population not only in the season by far. Nevertheless, by the Muslim culture and the consequent granting of alcohol licenses rather slow on the wide beach promenade Sheraton Road in al-Siqala and in the pedestrian zone is formed in ad-Dahar no distinctive nightlife.
Hurghada is divided into three districts: • El Dahhar, the old town, where even the typical Egyptian life pulsates. • Al-Sakkala is the tourist area with many hotels, restaurants and shops. • Al-Ahiaa, north of El Dahar, with many hotels being built.

Hurghada and surroundings are very different hotels. Above all there is: Water Sports for windsurfing , sailing , deep sea anglers , divers and snorkelers to 20 km of beaches with white sand that are accessible through fences almost entirely from the hotels. At the southern end of the hotel zone there are a few easily accessible coral reefs , but the best spots are off the coast. Sahl Hasheesh is planned as a region with luxury resorts in the initial construction phase and is currently undergoing a standstill. The area is located about 20 km south of Hurghada airport and will be five different golf courses and the bay and with a more than 11 km long palm-lined promenade, a luxury resort not only for golfers.

Even further south are Makadi Bay , Soma Bay , Safaga (60 km), the port city of the Ottoman Empire al-Qusair (207 km) Marsa Alam (271 miles), and Bernice (400 miles). The administrative border with Sudan is at al-Schalatim (490 miles) is reached, the bilateral controversial international legal limit is still 140 km to the south just on 22 latitude north (see Hala’ib triangle ). The area north of Marsa Alam is primarily funded by a government development program and to replace in the next few decades, Hurghada.

In the north of Hurghada, about 22 km, is the tourist resort of El Gouna , a crisscrossed by innumerable lagoons, brand new resort. Only in the 1980s by the Egyptian architect Samih Sawiris established El Gouna has been continuously expanded, and where before there were only a sandy strip of desert between the sea and coastal mountains, is today a tourist center emerged with the claim to be something very special.

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Hurghada Hotel

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Hurghada Giftun

Hurghada Egypt 550x412 Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada Egypt

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