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by WCC on January 27, 2012

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Hungary (since 2012, official Hungarian Magyarország, before officially Magyar Köztársaság “Hungarian Republic”), is a landlocked country in central Europe, mostly in the Pannonian basin is located. Neighboring countries are Austria, the Slovak Republic, the Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

hungary Hungary


Hungary has been the first May 2004 Member State of the European Union and since the 12th March 1999 Member State of NATO. The Human Development Index is one of Hungary to the highly developed countries. Its capital is Budapest.

The self-designation of Hungary deviates strongly from the foreign names for Hungary. The term magyar (pronunciation / Magyar / from Hungarian: magyar [ mɒɟɒr ]; earlier magyeri) emerged in the 9th and 10 Century in Islamic sources, and is probably a composite of magy (

The name “Hungary” probably came from the Slavic in the other European languages. The Slavic word is explained by the tribal name bolgarotürkische Onogur (on = “ten” + Ogur = “root”) attributed to arise from the fact that the ancestors of the Hungarians in the 5th and 6 Century in close connection with the kingdom of Onogurs lived, whose leading tribal union “Onogurs” said. The “H” in Latin hungarus (and thus also in some other languages) arose from the fact that the name by mistake with the Huns was equated (Hunni).

hungary landscape Hungary

hungary landscape

hungary girls Hungary

hungary girls

hungary food Hungary

hungary food

hungary city Hungary

hungary city

hungary budapest Hungary

hungary budapest

budapest hungary Hungary

budapest hungary

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