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Hong Kong International Airport

by WCC on May 10, 2012

in Asia

The Hong Kong Airport ” Chek Lap Kok ” is the international airport of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China . 2010, the airport had a passenger volume of 50.4 million, making it the second largest airport in China after the Beijing airport , in a global comparison of the airports it ranks 11th on the measured volume of cargo it is the largest cargo airport in the world. Chek Lap Kok is the home base of the airline Cathay Pacific , Dragonair , Hong Kong Airlines , Hong Kong Express Airways and Air Hong Kong .

Hong Kong International Airport 550x309 Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

As a six-lane road connecting the highway No. 8 bundles from the island of Tsing Yi a whole range of good feeder roads from the eastern, southern and northern areas of the metropolis. The ride along the coast is considered one of the most scenic routes to an airport.

The Airport Express to the MTR (Hong Kong subway) takes 25 minutes from the airport to Central . The mostly two-storey airport buses offer an extensive range of connections to / from the airport. The red taxis are numerically most represented and serve all areas within Hong Kong, and the only Südlantaus Tung Chung Road. The green taxis serve only the New Territories. The blue taxis serve all destinations are within Lantau . On SkyPier connect SpeedFerries (fast ferries), the airport including the cities of Macau , Shenzhen and Dongguan Humen .

Hong Kong International Airport From Space 550x412 Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport From Space

Hong Kong Airport 550x366 Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong Airport

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