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by WCC on March 4, 2012

in North America

Honduras is the second largest country in Central America, it is bordered to the north-west by Guatemala , on the west by El Salvador and in the south-east of Nicaragua. Honduras has a long coastline on the Caribbean side and a small access to the Pacific Ocean , the Gulf of Fonseca.

honduras Honduras


Cities in Honduras are Tegucigalpa – the capital and about 1 million inhabitants and largest city in the country. San Pedro Sula, Comayagua, La Ceiba. The objects there are Islas de la Bahia – Utila, Roatan and Guanaja. Three islands on the Caribbean side , and a visit to snorkel and / or diving is a must. Copán – One of the most impressive ruins of the Mayan era, particularly noted for its well-preserved sculptures. Lake Yojoa – The largest lake in Honduras, which is now heavily polluted, unfortunately. Trujillo – This is the first time Columbus landed on the American mainland. Tela – a popular Caribbean resort. From an observation deck offers an unforgettable sight of the Bay of Tela. Cayos Cochinos – a marine national park with the most pristine reefs in the region.

San Pedro Sula (SAP) and Tegucigalpa (TGU) have international airports. Air France, Iberia, American and Continental offer reasonably cheap flights from Europe via the USA. Most flights are there from Miami and Houston, for example, with the airline TACA. Another major airport in the country with ties to La Ceiba is almost all the Caribbean islands (Roatan, Utila, Guanaja) and San Pedro and Tegucigalpa.

honduras dolphins Honduras

honduras dolphins

Spanish is the official language . In addition there are English speaking (on the Caribbean Islands), Indian languages ​​and Garífuna (the language of the same ethnic group primarily West African origin). Zona Viva San Pedro Sula!! Taxi cost from anywhere in the city center of San Pedro Sula, about 50 lempiras = 2 €. But at night can cost a taxi back up to 100 lempiras.

Watch out! Women who have a raise in clubs, mostly prostitutes, as is normally expected in Honduras still believe that men make the first move. Tegucigalpa is “one” on or near the Blvd. From Morazán. In the Colonia Palmira, there are some nice restaurants, pubs and bars. On weekends it is as in “Sabor Cubano” very full, it is danced. Alternative, it goes in the “Glens” to also be in Palmira. The journey in the know recommended “Tobacco Road” in the center is closed since early December, for unknown reasons. In the center is recommended: “Café Paradiso”, an artist with a secluded courtyard cafe.

honduras sea Honduras

honduras sea

Hotels are generally of low to moderate absolute standard or first class. This is due to the fact that most hotels have the locals as the target group and therefore must be cheap. The few hotels that are most directly contact foreign chains such as Hilton and Intercontinental. Thus, there is almost no mid-range hotels. Courts are usually abundant. Must necessarily be pre-booked only at Easter and Christmas. In Tegucigalpa vorzubuchen it is recommended, since there are very few hotels in good and safe neighborhoods that do not cost too much.

There are three in Honduras recommended sites with Spanish language schools , where you can learn Spanish in private lessons: Copan , La Ceiba and Trujillo. Copan offers the language teaching is one of the most impressive Mayan ruins of Central America ( Copan Ruinas ). La Ceiba , a lively if somewhat dingy town on the Caribbean coast and the gateway to the Islas de la Bahia (Roatan, Utila …), as diver’s paradise and considered to have beautiful beaches and coral reefs have. Even on the islands there are small Spanish schools, but the islands are mostly in English. Trujillo is a sleepy provincial town in a very beautiful bay with fine sandy beach and nature reserve and very hospitable people. Both in La Ceiba, Trujillo and live many Garifunas or Black Carribeans, ie descendants of freed slaves of African origin. The courses cost between 100 and 150 USD per week for week four daily hours of individual lessons, 160 to 200 USD with accommodation and meals in a family.

The cost is somewhat higher than the schools in Guatemala. The Spanish in Honduras is a little harder to understand (indistinct) than in Guatemala or Mexico, but give the teachers usually try to speak more clearly. One advantage over Guatemala slightly better security situation in Honduras, and (above all in Trujillo) is that there are far fewer tourists and students, which facilitates the immersion in the Spanish-speaking environment.

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