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Hoan Kiem Lake, Vietnam

by WCC on March 14, 2012

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The Hoan Kiem Lake (Ho Hoan Kiem vietnames.) or Sword Lake (Ho Guom vietnames.) is Hanoi’s most famous lake and separates Old Hanoi by former French colonial quarter. The lake is about 700 feet long and came back as a reservoir of the Red River . Even in the 18th Century, the lake is several times larger than today, had a direct access to the Red River, served with the fleet parades and other lakes in the city was connected by canals. In the 18th Trinh-century had the 52 princes palaces on its banks. The lake was 19-20. Century partially filled.

hoan kiem lake 550x309 Hoan Kiem Lake, Vietnam

hoan kiem lake

The name of the lake ( “Lake of the Restored Sword” ) is a varied legend back. Beginning of the 15th Century, during the Chinese occupation, presented according to legend a giant, living in the lake, golden tortoise of the poor fisherman Le Loi (vietnames. Le Loi) a magical sword that made ​​him invincible. He used the magic sword into a bitter struggle (1418-1428), the troops of the Ming Dynasty beat devastating, and became king in 1428. After the victory parade, the young king went to the lake to thank the gods. Since the golden turtle appeared again and asked to return the sword. Before Le Loi could decide suddenly broke up the sword from its scabbard, went up to heaven and was transformed into a large jade dragon hovering above the lake and then plunged into the depths.

Le Loi proclaimed to protect the animal spirit of the lake. Out of gratitude and to commemorate this event, Le Loi was on a small island in the middle of the lake, the three-story Turtle Tower (Thap Rua) building, which until now the landmark of Hanoi’s. 1968 was actually a 2.10 m long and 250 kg turtle rescued from the lake, which was said to be about 400 years old. It is prepared in a glass case in the Jade Mountain Temple issued. The Jade Mountain Temple is located on a small island on the leading-The Huc Bridge.

hoan kiem lake vietnam 550x319 Hoan Kiem Lake, Vietnam

hoan kiem lake vietnam

hoan kiem lake rilex 550x412 Hoan Kiem Lake, Vietnam

hoan kiem lake rilex

hoan kiem lake hanoi 550x391 Hoan Kiem Lake, Vietnam

hoan kiem lake hanoi

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