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Ho Chi Minh City, Wonderful

by WCC on January 31, 2013

in Asia

Ho Chi Minh City is more commonly known as Saigon, or abbreviated to HCMC. It is Vietnam’s largest city and a former capital of the now South Vietnam. Although, in the minds of many people, the place is linked with war, the city, with its many intriguing attractions, is still worth exploring. Even though the city had been on the skids since the war, it still managed to pick itself up and gradually returned to life after the 1990’s.

1920x1080 Ho Chi Minh City Gov Building Ho Chi Minh City, Wonderful

Ho Chi Minh City is not only Vietnam’s largest but also its largest port and its commercial headquarters. It is a young Asian country by most standards, but one that is rich in history filled with stories of recent Vietnamese

struggles. It is a city that is not only noisy and busy, but also fast growing in the development of steel and glass in the central business district.

The city also offers different and unique modes of transport. Tourists can explore the city by the regular use of buses, cars or bikes, but Ho Chi Minh also offers tourists the use of speedboats and cyclos, where passengers sit in the front seat and can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city the same way the locals do.

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Ho Chi Minh City has many places to visit for almost type of visitors. Tourists interested in the history of the war can visit the War Remnants Museum, which reminds every one of the poignant if grim memories with its display of photos and various weapons. Others can opt to visit more atmospheric surroundings by going to the Emperor Jade Pagoda that is filled with intricate carved figures and the smell of incense. Those looking to escape the noise and bustle of the city can explore the boulevards lined with trees that were left behind by the French.

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Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City is also a unique and exhilarating experience. The Ben Thanh Market is made for those tourists thrive in overwhelming, noisy surroundings. The place gets a horde of visitors trying to buy souvenirs, various bamboo items and other handmade items. For those who prefer more upscale and hip shopping, Dong Khoi Street is the place to go, which sells all kinds of trendy items.

1920x1080 Vietnam Waterfall Ho Chi Minh City, Wonderful

The city also has an active nightlife, with grand hotels and bars. The most popular being the Go 2 Bar, which serves drinks twenty four hours a day. Ho Chi Minh also offers mouthwatering food from around the country in refreshing open air restaurants around Ben Tanh Market. For those wishing to taste authentic Vietnamese food can visit Quan An Ngon restaurant, where people have a chaotic yet unforgettable time.

1920x1080 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Wonderful

Visitors looking for accommodations in the city can check in to the Caravelle Hotel, which is located at the centre of the business, close to the best attractions the city has to offer. They feature large luxurious rooms and amenities. It is also perfect for people traveling for work since it maintains a balance between its business guests as well as the tourists.

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