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Historic Alanya Turkey

by WCC on February 10, 2013

in North America

Alanya, located on the South Coast in, is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. The city offers a large number of historical destinations for sightseeing as well as various land and water sporting activities.

Alanya has a lot of historical as well as archeological places to visit. The most popular one is The Citadel, which is located on a hilly Peninsula with the sea on three sides. Signs pointing to a castle can be seen indicating the highest points of the wall, even though its walls literally start at sea level.  The most interesting part about The Citadel, however, is the peninsula tip next to it named Adam Atacagi, which is formed by the extension of rocks

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that jut into the sea. Other locations include the Red Tower, which is the citadel’s hexagonal tower; various caves which are accessible by boat trips; Sapadere Kanyonu, the Damlata Cave, which is near Kleopatra Bridge; and the Old Shipyard, which is near the Red Tower and was built by the Seljuqs in 1228.

Other interesting places to visit during the high season are Cypru, in the southeast and Kyrenia, which can be reached by boat. Tourists can also visit the Cilician Mountains and plains which is located in the eastern Mediterranean coast. Pamphelia in the east also has some interesting places to visit.

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There are a lot of tour companies in Alanya that are willing to give tourists plenty to do during their visit. Their tours include a trip to a historic Amphitheatre in Aspendos, safari tours in a jeep, Quad bike tours, Donkey rides, Scuba diving, with more fishes to see during the high season and boat trips that take tourists to cave visits and offer lunch as well as Euro dance music.

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Alanya also has many places for the tourists who love to shop and take home something to remember the city with. The city is full of shops that sell mostly the same things, making it difficult to miss buying anything. The shops sell fake but good quality brand stuff like clothes, shoes and watches, sunglasses, bags and wallets, water pipes as well as tobacco and Turkish tea sets. Tourists can enjoy the back and forth dialogue and price changes in shops where shop owners expect people to haggle.

1920x1080 Alanya Hotel View Historic Alanya Turkey

Alanya is also unique in its restaurants and cocktail bars, where tourists have to haggle in restaurants and bars as some of them do not have any written prices on their menu cards. The two most interesting Turkish food that every tourist must try are Lahmacun, which is generally more like a snack than a meal and Baklava, which is a Turkish sweet that is sold by weight. Turkish coffee is a local drink that is usually popular among tourists.

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Tourists planning a vacation in Alanya can make reservations at the Kelopatra Blue Life Apart Hotel. The hotel is within easy reach to the lively city and its main attractions including Cleopatra’s beach. They provide many facilities and amenities including a bar and great rooms that will leave any traveler with a warm and pleasant feeling.

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