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Heian Shrine, Japan

by WCC on March 8, 2012

in Asia

The Heian Shrine ( Japanese 平安神宫 ) is a Shinto shrine in the district of Sakyo of the Japanese city of Kyoto . He is one of the Chokusaisha . He was named in honor of the Kammu built-tennō in 1895, 1,100 years after the founding of Heian kyō (now Kyoto) by Kammu. 1940 (in 2,600. Year of the imperial lineage) was also the Komei -tennō, with the last Tennō seat of government in Heian kyō, enshrined in the Heian Jingu.

heian shrine 550x412 Heian Shrine, Japan

heian shrine

Architecturally it is a crude reproduction of the scale 2/3 of the palace of Heian-kyō, the Daidairi . The 24.2 m high Torii from reinforced concrete with a 33.9 m long arc is the second largest in Japan, according to the Yasukuni Shrine . Around the main building is around the Shin’en , a garden of four parts, each oriented to the four cardinal directions and together occupy 33,000 square meters. You are in the style of the Meiji period created.

In the procession of the Jidai Matsuri , are on 22 October of each year, the mikoshi of the two emperors of Kyoto Gosho carried to the Heian Jingu and kept there in a special warehouse. On the evening of the 1st and 2 June found Noh theater performances take place in the shrine, known Takigi-Noh dances.

heian shrine winter 550x368 Heian Shrine, Japan

heian shrine winter

heian shrine wallpaper 550x415 Heian Shrine, Japan

heian shrine wallpaper

heian shrine kyoto japan 550x412 Heian Shrine, Japan

heian shrine kyoto japan

heian shrine entrance 550x412 Heian Shrine, Japan

heian shrine entrance

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