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Hawaii – Travel Guide to Vacation in Hawaii

by WCC on March 27, 2012

in North America, United States

Hawaii is a state in the United States. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 4 to 5 hours flight from major cities of the West Coast of the United States. Hawaii consists of a large number (approximately 1,000) volcanic islands of varying size. In this article we provide you travel guide to vacation in Hawaii. Seven islands are inhabited, only six of which are readily available for tourists:

  • Oahu with its capital at Honolulu. This island has an international airport and the absolute majority of its business activities. Only 80% of all residents of Hawaii to live in the city of Honolulu . Its world-famous Waikiki Beach, and including the North Shore as a surfer’s paradise in winter.
  • Kauai , also known as Iceland Garden.
  • Big Iceland , also known as Hawaii, with the cities of Hilo and Kona . In and around Kona will take place around the Iron Man triathlon.
  • Maui , the surfer’s paradise.
  • Molokai
  • Lanai , formerly one of the huge pineapple farm company Dole Foods. Today there are a few exclusive tourist resorts.
  • Kahoolawe was once a bomb-testing facility in the U.S. Navy and, despite attempts by the occupation government until now largely uninhabited.
  • Niihau is privately owned and, unfortunately, not generally available.
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Another places that recommended to visit are Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, and Lahaina. And other objects destination is The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The archipelago is a work of undersea volcanic forces; lavas, which prevails among the basalt are almost the only existing rocks, limestone emerges only in certain places and in some significant measure of the sea. During the volcanic activity is extinguished in the Western Isles and the long-ruined craters are already covered with lush vegetation, have the same take on the most eastern island, Big Iceland , still continued under heavy lava flows from the open crater of powerful volcanoes. The highest mountains on Big Iceland exceed 4,200 m, but does not reach the snow line. Even small rivers are rare, and navigable (from very short distances) has only Kauai. Hawaii was once a major trading center for sugar, pineapple and whaling, it is now mainly dependent on tourism and U.S. military. The bulk of the tourists are clearly the Japanese, for Hawaii is relatively easy to accomplish.

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How about the climate? The climate is on the whole mild and pleasant at large by the altitude-related differences; rich mean temperatures of the summer of 29 – 32 ° C and in the winter of 18 to 21 ° C. One half of the year (March to October) is hot and dry, the other (November to February) variable. Storms are rare, and the abundant rainfall did not take off quickly from east to west.

Language in Hawaii is Pure Hawaiian speaks today (unfortunately), virtually no one. Older people often speak pidgin . This is a mix between Hawaiian and English and for English speaking people to not at all difficult to understand. Most of the Hawaiian population, however, speaks pure English. Hawaiian is actually the origin of the term “Wiki” page: wikiwiki called “fast, fast” and describes how Web pages can be changed on a wiki. Hawaiian as the language sounds very melodic, as it contains all the vowels but only six consonants. In any consonant is followed by one or more vowels.

How to get in there? Not least due to its distance from Europe, there is currently no direct flights to Hawaii. The largest airport in the islands is the Honolulu International Airport (HNL) near the capital, Honolulu . He can be reached with several connecting flights within the United States, for example:

  • Hawaiian Airlines from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland or San Francisco
  • American Airlines via Chicago O’Hare and Denver
  • Continental Airlines via Newark
  • Delta Air Lines via Atlanta
  • United Airlines via Chicago O’Hare and Denver
  • The flight from the German-speaking world with a transfer takes about 20 hours.

On the islands most easily by car, which are available at all airports. The car rentals are among the cheapest in the U.S.. Expensive is the only insurance. Between the islands by plane with the local airlines (Hawaiian Airlines is the largest). Connections between major cities several times daily (sometimes hourly), daily in smaller towns two or three compounds. There are only a ferry between Maui and Lanai and between Maui and Molokai.
Except on the island of Oahu, there is virtually no public transport on the islands. As a tourist is usually possible only with a very sensible car locomotion.
On Oahu are public buses, with which the island can be circumnavigated. They combine the Waikiki Beach, among other things, Hoholulu, Kailua Beach and other beaches, shopping centers and tourist attractions such as Pearl Harbour. The route leads past several beaches and runs track, in the immediate vicinity and a good view to the sea. The buses run from approximately 8 am to 22 clock clock in the evening. When boarding the bus have to be paid $ 2. Cheap multi-day passes are available at the tourist information among others on Waikiki Beach.

There are another attractions:

  • Oahu – Hanauma Bay, beautiful snorkeling, Diamond Head: breathtaking views of Waikiki / Honolulu, Aloha Tower observation tower at the port of Honolulu, with an adjacent shopping center, Aloha Stadium flea market in the Aloha Stadium (both Saturdays and Sundays), Polynesian Cultural Center: Here you can learn a lot about the culture of the Polynesians, Pearl Harbor / Arizona Memorial: Memorial to the Battle of Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation: you can see here, such as pineapple is grown and wander through the world’s largest maze planted
  • Maui – Haleakala: breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on the summit of the volcano (Caution: up there, it’s early morning freezing cold and windy!) Huialoha Church: church on the headland of Maui, Lahaina, the small fishing village, look the Peter Lik Gallery on there, with our early morning to Hana in the east of the island, a remote hippie village, which can only be reached via the Hana Road! Respect for the journey is long, winding and often not very dangerous!
  • Kauaii – Napali Cost: super nice for hiking / walking (lonely bays, etc.), Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Hawaii
  • Big Iceland – The Volcano National Park is a must, the most southern point of the United States (including islands) spectacular thundering waves and a little east of a small bay, where you can find olivine-like stones on Lanzarote ( El Golfo )

Typical American, Polynesian, Asian, lots of fish
Tip: “Cheeseburger in Paradise” in Honolulu and Lahaina or grilled Hawaiian fish in the Duke’s on Waikiki Beach
Cheap food: In addition to all common amerikaischen fast food chains – McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, Quiznos, Carl Junior is found in Oahu and a Hard Rock Cafe and the Cheesecakefacory middle of the shopping area on Waikiki Beach. For self catering there is next to Walmart the other major U.S. discount stores. The prices do not differ from those in the other American states.

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Waikiki offers a number of Polynesian bars that are frequented mainly by the Japanese. There are several Irish bars where you can meet Americans and visitors from all nations. Caution is offered from 10 clock at night on the streets on Waikiki Beach, there are frequent hookers (prostitutes) to offer their services to tourists. Moves, especially in the colder winter months, many from Las Vegas to sunny Hawaii with the well-paying Japanese tourists. Honolulu is reminiscent of New York . A lot of Japanese tourists crowd the streets. Also you will find all major brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. Here is the gentle tourist a wide variety of entertainment such as bars, discos, beach boardwalks with local artists.

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