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Travel Guide to Vacation in Haiti

by WCC on February 22, 2012

in North America

haiti Travel Guide to Vacation in Haiti


Haiti is one of the Greater Antilles and shares with the Dominican Republic , the island of Hispaniola . In the north, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, while to the south, the Caribbean is. The national territory of Haiti and the Ile de la Gonâve in the same Gulf and the island of La Tortue north part of the main island.

Petionville is near the capital. Due to the altitude, the climate is pleasant. The mountainous landscape of the nearby nature park has suffered starkt by urban sprawl and deforestation. Who wants to be sure there was once, but does best with an organized tour of the northern coast of the Dominican Republic from: in Puerto Plata , Sosúa and Cabarete , short taster trips to Fort Liberté (just past the border crossing Dajabón) – including a visit to a market place – offered. For a relatively large amount of money you can see it relatively little about Haiti. 90 percent of the population are Catholic, many still practice this, select the voodoo cult.

haiti life Travel Guide to Vacation in Haiti

haiti life

haiti beaches Travel Guide to Vacation in Haiti

haiti beaches

After you getting there, Haiti is the largest airport in the Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince. Air France and Corsairfly the airport to fly from Paris-Orly to off. Furthermore, there are several airports in Umsteigebindungen over the U.S. and Canada.

haiti after earthquake Travel Guide to Vacation in Haiti

Official languages ​​of French and Creole (a mixture of French, English, Spanish and some West African languages) are. The latter language is spoken by all Haitians, while French is usually dominated by persons with more education. The Haitian cuisine is very tasty and versatile, provided that you can afford this diversity. Standard are rice and beans, sweet potatoes and plantains in combination with meat or fish dishes. Especially popular is griot, a dish made from Schweinefeisch. The traditional New Year food is a spicy pumpkin soup.

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