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Gyeongju Historic Areas

by WCC on March 1, 2012

in Asia

The areas or historic areas or Gyeongiu Kyongju in the province of North Gyeongsang , South Korea . Were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the year 2000 . Historic areas include the ruins of temples and palaces, pagodas and statues, and other cultural sites left by the Silla Kingdom , such as Mount Namsan , Banwolseong , the Park of the mounds , Hwangnyongsa and Sanseong Fortaleza .

Kyongju Historic Areas 550x372 Gyeongju Historic Areas

Kyongju Historic Areas

The area of Mount Namsan is located in the environs of the hill that was considered sacred by the Kingdom of Silla. It contains both Buddhist relics related to shamanism that predate the introduction of Buddhism in Korea. Buddhist ruins include the remains of 122 temples, 53 stone statues, 64 pagodas of stone and 17 stone lanterns. Other sites featured include Namsan Mountain Fortress (built in 591 ), the Pavilion Poseokjeong (famous for its shell-shaped pond), and the pond Seochulji. Mount Namsan is famous for the various images of Buddha carved into the rock and show the progression and maturation of the chair sculpture during the Unified Silla . The most famous of these reliefs is the Buddha Rock. This bas-relief is in the Valley of Tapgol and consists of three walls decorated with images of Buddha and his disciples. There are also in this area mounds of the Silla kings dating from century to the tenth century .

This set of historical remains are concentrated around the ruins of the temples of Hwangnyongsa and Bunhwangsa . According to the foundation dug, Hwangnyongsa was the largest temple ever built in Korea and covers 72,500 ㎡. Bunhwagsa Temple exists today only in a fraction of its original size. In the past, was one of the most important Buddhist temples. One of his most famous pagodas are those made ​​with bricks made ​​of stone. Is believed to have seven to nine similar pagodas which currently remain only three.

Kyongju Historic Areas Wallpaper 550x395 Gyeongju Historic Areas

Kyongju Historic Areas Wallpaper

Kyongju Historic Areas Korea 550x365 Gyeongju Historic Areas

Kyongju Historic Areas Korea

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