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Guinea Bissau, Africa

by WCC on February 24, 2012

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Guinea Bissau – Guinea-Bissau is located in West Africa . Bordering countries are Senegal in the north and Guinea to the south. Guinea-Bissau was once part of the kingdom of Gabu, part of the empire of Mali, parts of this kingdom persisted until the eighteenth century. The first reports of Europeans reached this area from the mid-15th Century. Rivers and the coast of this region were among the first places settled by the Portuguese in the 16th Century the interior was not until the 19th Century explored.

guinea bissau Guinea Bissau, Africa

guinea bissau

The Portuguese tried desperately to their colony much longer than in other European countries cling to. An armed uprising for independence began in 1956, but it was not until 1974 that the Portuguese finally accepted the independence of Guinea-Bissau. Guinea-Bissau after independence history has been checkered. A civil war in 1998, was followed by the imposition of a military junta in 1999, replaced by a multi-party democracy. The economy remains fragile, however, the high hopes.

The country as a whole is divided into 8 regions. Located north is: Cacheu , Oio , Bafatá and Gabú . Wesltlich Bolama , Bissau and Biombo . South Quinara and Tombali .

Bissau – Capital

Guinea-Bissau is among one of the poorest countries in the world. Because of this, it is not as good as developed for tourism.

Getting there
TAP flies several times weekly from Lisbon (Portugal) to Bissau. TACV flies daily from Dakar to Bissau.

Unfortunately no train connection to Bissau.

Who is traveling with a rental car should know that the road conditions are extremely poor. For a 10 line kilometer an hour passes quickly. There are few street signs. In the rainy season may be completely flooded tracks and getting ahead is hardly possible. Night crossings should be avoided.

guinea bissau port Guinea Bissau, Africa

guinea bissau port

There are no rail connections across the country. For locals, there are buses, but tourists should not be used. The buses are far from European standards and have no timetables and no stops. As a rule, one waving to the bus when one wants to enter. A taxi should only be ordered from the hotel and the fare should be negotiated before the journey begins, otherwise the passenger will pay a more expensive fare to most.

The kitchen of Guinea-Bissau is exotic and rich, and contains many similarities with the Portuguese cuisine. Fish and seafood are recommended. Specialties such as Mancarra (peanut sauce) should be tried.

guinea bissau food Guinea Bissau, Africa

guinea bissau food

Creole, the most frequently used slang in Guinea-Bissau.’s Portuguese is spoken primarily in Bissau, most of all. In some cases a communication is in French possible, partly because of the proximity to the French-speaking neighboring countries Senegal and Guinea

Bissau is often seen as the quietest and safest capital of West Africa. In most regions of the city, it is absolutely without any problems at night and be on the road at night. The police are corrupt and usually helps only if it is paid. There is no German Embassy in Guinea-Bissau. The next, which is responsible for this district is, in Dakar , Senegal . In Guinea-Bissau, there is no death penalty since 1993. Women should be due to the risk of rape never be alone on the road.

Because of an armed confrontation between the army and rebel groups in Guinea-Bissau from the Casamance region southern Senegal is currently discouraged from traveling to the region of Sao Domingos in the border area of ​​Senegal.

Stay healthy
Drinking water should be used only boiled, otherwise the risk of contracting cholera! When entering necessarily against yellow fever, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, rabies, typhoid fever and meningococcal disease can be vaccinated! Malaria is extremely high in Guinea-Bissau.Daher is strongly advised to chemoprophylaxis nehemen one.

Although the region is hot all year round should not be worn short dresses, as well as representing the dengue fever is a major problem. Swim in fresh water is essential to advise on, otherwise the risk of schistosomiasis infection with the worm to infect. Although it is very gring with 2% quota HIV, it is also during sexual contact to protect themselves. There is little medical care facilities and is limited almost exclusively to the capital. It is advisable to include a foreign insurance air ambulance insurance prior to starting.

Tropical climate, rainy season is from May to November, dry season Harmattan desert winds from December to April. It blows hot winds from the interior. The average temperature is 24 ° C, rain Helpful months: July and August

The country is predominantly Muslims (50%). Therefore, make sure no women to photograph and / or touch.

guinea bissau beaches Guinea Bissau, Africa

guinea bissau beaches

guinea bissau money Guinea Bissau, Africa

guinea bissau money

guinea bissau map Guinea Bissau, Africa

guinea bissau map

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