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Guilin, China

by WCC on March 4, 2012

in Asia

Guilin ​​is a prefecture-level city in the People’s Republic of China . Guilin is located in the northeast of the autonomous region of Guangxi the Zhuang nationality in southeast China on the banks of the Li Jiang (Li River). The Chinese characters of the name Guilin means “fragrance of flowers Forest City”, the name refers to the large number of osmanthus trees in the city. The city is built in a stunning landscape between hills.

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The census in 2000 in Guilin were counted 4.61467 million residents of the greater community. The city itself has Gulin only about 500 000 inhabitants. However, since 2009, built on the outskirts of new residential areas that promise a significant increase in urban population.

The landscape around Guilin was created when 200 million years ago the Urmittelmeer by tectonic elevation of the sea floor and backed away slowly eroded mountains remaining. The history of Guilin can be traced back about 2,100 years. In the source region for the first time in the will Qin dynasty mentioned. To ensure the supply of troops, was Qin Shi Huang a canal from the Yangtze River to build in the area of Guilin. The 34-kilometer Lingqu channel connecting the Xiang River with the Li River . An administrative unit at the site of the present Guilin is the first time in the year 111 BC (year 6 of the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty mentions), then as a district Shi.

From the Song to the Qing Dynasty, Guilin was the cultural center of Guangxi . After the overthrow of the Ming by the Manchus themselves did the Ming pretender Youlang Zhu (朱由榔) as Yongli emperor-down (永历, Emperor of the everlasting experience) of the Southern Ming Dynasty, Guilin, before he and his entourage to Burma fled. In 1914 the seat was the provincial government of Guilin to Nanning moved.

Guilin is famous for its karst mountains and countless caves a popular tourist destination in China. Here meander alongside the Li River, several tributaries, creeks and canals around the city, surrounded by a whole belt of mountains with bizarre rock formations. About 50 km south is the small town of Yangshuo , are offered to the river from Guilin tours on special ships with very little draft. In the peak tourist season every day to make up to about 10,000 tourists a good four hour drive (in 2007). The journey and the surroundings of Yangshuo offer a similar mountain landscape like Guilin itself, which is still impressive. It is also possible to travel by bus to Yangshuo, and from there a shorter boat trip (about 2 hours) to perform. Here are the most remarkable areas are approached by boat.

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guilin mountains

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