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Guide to Vacation in Mexico

by WCC on January 14, 2012

in North America

Mexico is in North America. Only the south belongs geographically to Central America .The country is bordered by the United States and in southern Belize and Guatemala is limited. While in the highlands most of the year there is a good climate, the weather in the lowlands of the Yucatan is often very stressful. Due to its proximity to the equator, the temperature differences between the seasons are weak.

mexico Guide to Vacation in Mexico


Highlands: During the day most pleasantly warm at night, sometimes very cold. Caution: Chiudad de Mexico is suffering from smog, which can be difficult to breathe. Large parts of the highlands above 2,000 meters, which can strain the body as well.

Lowlands of the Yucatan: Here it is winter in the “pleasant”, not so humid. Generally, it is very hot, also threatens an extremely high humidity. In Merida, for example, the monthly average fluctuates 28-35 degrees, the wind chill can but due to the very high humidity significantly higher. Even the thunder showers bring then no cooling.

Intercity bus lines are the first or the deluxe class very enjoyable. Problem, however, hardly have Mexicans have air-conditioning is sometimes switched on “Alaska Project”. Therefore, a blanket or a warm sweater for fast freezing ones a good idea. Restroom, in most cases separated into male and female. Drinks and take something to eat.

mexico cancun Guide to Vacation in Mexico

mexico cancun

Short distances can be good with 2 Class-master buses. Since the seats are not padded, 2 Class buses for comfort-loving and long distances may not be appropriate. No toilets available.

In remote areas or cities within driving taxis (or Pesero Colectivo), which usually depart when all seats are filled. Along the way they are hailed on the street. In Chiapas, there may come through the military controls. People are usually friendly to Western tourists, but (to people from Latin America, could be illegal immigrants, less) to me personally and have never made a hostile impression. When you sleep, you will not even wake up!

On cases: You have to have really great luck if just the bus in which you find yourself being attacked. Be it day or night. Common sense is essential, however, unnecessary anxiety. Bus trips in Mexico are a proven means of transport. You always go there and everywhere, are inexpensive and convenient

Travelling by Car

Rental cars are in Mexico generally have quite low, this also applies if they are over a longer period (1-2 weeks) are available. However, to note that the one round trip with a rented car would usually end at the starting location, otherwise expensive return fee incurred (a few hundred € and more are possible).

mexico ancient mayan Guide to Vacation in Mexico

mexico pyramid

The worldwide distribution companies are the local Mexican preferable, especially because they are not more expensive in comparison. It’s also always been a room for negotiation, for example the inclusion of better insurance (highly recommended) or at the final price.

At each airport, but also in tourist cities (and elsewhere) can be rented car in a wide range of vehicles. To consider the very high coverage of the rental company itself, which is up from 20 percent to the value of the car as a backup of a credit card order condition in the event of an accident to cover their costs? This can reinsure but by a comprehensive insurance at home or on location to send nearly 100 percent, so that ultimately no cost to the traveler.

Traffic shall be assessed differently. On the Baja and in the far north, the streets are rather lonely side streets to well-traveled by jeep. In the heartland (Highland) traffic rather comparable with that in European cities, which added even more local differences, i.e. it is always expected to be with animals on highways, and bicycle riders are encountered or both vehicles turning. In Yucatan, it is rather quiet again.

All streets are in relatively good condition, due to the weather characteristics of the country but are still expected to landslides, floods, pot holes and lack of edge protection. This is particularly the case during the rainy season (on the Pacific and the mountains from May to September, on the Atlantic as early as April to October).To experience any unpleasant surprises, you should inform in advance exactly on the planned route and hire a street condition required the respective vehicle. On the website of cochera andina find detailed information (in German) to road conditions, travel time and distances. Site is also helpful as a good road map of Mexico World Mapping Project.

mexico city Guide to Vacation in Mexico

mexico city

Go for the car in Mexico reaches the driver’s license from country of origin. But to avoid misunderstandings with the police, you should also have an international driver’s license. Omnipresent are the police and the military. Both check with a different scope on the market. It is therefore likely to ever with controls and also in special military checkpoints. The speed limits in urban areas amounted to 40 km / h on country roads 80 km / h and on highways 100 and 110 km / h.

In general, the national distribution network is quite dense. Unleaded gasoline is available in 87 and 93 octane, and there are diesels.

All in all, recommended for experienced travelers the car as a means of transportation in Mexico, because it brings freedom with respect to the route planning and the dangers are in stark contrast.

Travelling by Bus

In Mexico City, one should resort to the very good public transportation and give up because of the chaotic traffic conditions on the road to driving rather are. At the time of the rush hour there is a special feature: the first three cars are reserved for women and children.

mexico map Guide to Vacation in Mexico

mexico map


The people speak Spanish or one of the many indigenous languages (or both). In tourist areas like Cancun is also English, in large hotels but also spoke German. In less tourist-oriented places English is not widespread. The Spanish is spoken in Guatemala together with the (stronghold of the Spanish language schools throughout Latin America!)

“If you speak English, all doors open. If you speak Spanish, all heart open.”

Particularly widespread in Mexico are tortillas. The Mexican corn flour patties should not be confused with the eponymous Spanish omelet. The tortillas are filled with different ingredients and with a different name (Taco, quesadilla) provided. The filling side dish – the cornmeal cakes – remains the same. Contrary to the opinion of the people’s mouth is chili con carne not from Mexico, but was first prepared in the southern United States. The fiery spicy dish you will find most of the us-Mexico border and in tourist areas.

Tortillas are available in two versions: with corn flour and wheat flour. As a side dish to any main dish are usually served tortillas. Tacos are stuffed corn tortillas, which are simply folded up. The filling may be everything, are widely Tacos de Bistec (chopped meat), with chicken (pollo), or in coastal regions with fish or seafood. How to pretty much all the tacos are too lime juice, chili sauce (salsa) and fresh herbs (especially coriander).

Tacos Mexico in the north is less common, but it can be found on every street corner, a burrito-seller. Burritos are tortillas; these are larger than the corn tortillas. You may also be filled with just about everything, the simplest and cheapest version is burrito de frijoles (refried beans), but there are also burritos de cabeza de puerco (pig’s head).

Around the country, you get to the street kiosks Tortas, which have nothing to do with cakes, but are filled buns.

The above-mentioned bean is the second mandatory accompaniment to every meal, so for breakfast (usually eggs cooked in various ways)). Otherwise there are many prepared dishes with tortillas, enchiladas or chilaquiles, for example.

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