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Guide to Vacation in Caribbean

by WCC on January 11, 2012

in North America

Caribbean-The Caribbean or West Indian islands were a cliché for a long time the preferred destination for honeymooners and retirees. Meanwhile they have also opened for the eco-tourism and backpacking, and thus for the independent traveler . With the year-round good weather (except for the hurricane season in late summer and early autumn), acceptable fares from Europe and North America as well as hundreds of undiscovered islands of the Caribbean offers something for everyone.

caribbean Guide to Vacation in Caribbean


Other objectives – You can practically all Caribbean destinations (other than the country Haiti ) for beach holiday recommend. Water sports like wind surfing or kite surfers can find, especially in Cabarete ( Dominican Republic ) and on the Isla Margarita as well as Aruba (both islands lie off Venezuela ) great conditions.

For scuba diving are particularly Belize on the Central American mainland (the second largest barrier reef in the world after Australia!) and Bonaire (in Venezuela ). For wreck diving is particularly Grenada is known as one dive with sharks in the Bahamas . Generally you can find almost anywhere in the Caribbean interesting diving spots.

caribbean beach Guide to Vacation in Caribbean


For more adventure sports like river rafting, canyoning and mountain biking are particularly suitable in the mountains of the Dominican Republic in Jarabacoa , and the volcanic islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.
Culture and history is best experienced on Cuba.

caribbean vacation Guide to Vacation in Caribbean

caribbean vacation

The Caribbean was first inhabited by the Arawak Indians. After the discovery by the Europeans colonized the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French and British their country. The islands have seen many battles – and probably as many pirate stories.

The highest mountains are found in the Dominican Republic (two three peaks: the 3175 m and 3039 m, and about half a dozen summits hiss 2,500 and 3,000 m), Haiti (2715 m), Cuba (2,375 m) and Jamaica (2,341 m) while the highest of the Lesser Antilles, Dominica , rises only to 1,900 meters.

caribbean island Guide to Vacation in Caribbean

caribbean island

The climate in Caribbean is suitable for all islands except the northern Bahama Islands , the coast is tropical, the temperature throughout the year fairly evenly, about 26.3 ° C with a difference between the mean temperature of the coldest and hottest month of 4 ° C. (In the mountains of the larger islands, especially in the very mountainous Dominican Republic , it is much colder. Sometimes there will be reached in winter temperatures below freezing.)

caribbean resort Guide to Vacation in Caribbean

caribbean resort

As the trade wind belt shifts depending on the position of the sun, so only those islands which lie between 15 ° and 22 ° 15 ‘north latitude, the whole year through eastern to north-easterly winds, while south of Martinique during part of the year or calms prevail from the south to west winds coming from the north and Cuba south-westerly winds blow or returning trade winds.

caribbean map Guide to Vacation in Caribbean

caribbean map

The wet season, the West Indian Spring begins in May (or April), leaves and grass get a fresher green, and about the middle of the month is the first periodic rain. After 14 days, rain enters a dry and stable weather, and the tropical summer appears in all its glory. Around the middle of August, the refreshing sea breezes cease to blow, the heat rises up to an unbearable level. The second, longer rainy season begins in late August and is strongest in October. The mean rain mass is 1,630 mm, but the effect this water mass, which would destroy Europe all crops languish here, where the winds as quickly dry up, only to dry up springs and streams do not dry people, animals and plants not in season. Nevertheless, the tremendous humidity makes the air during this time to stay on the islands unhealthy for Europeans. Towards the end of November begins cheerful and pleasant weather, the wind is coming from the north and northeast, bringing the finest winter, which lasts from December to May. The worst are the companions of the rainy season storms (hurricanes) that often cause great devastation, but also establish the balance in the air and purify the same.

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