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in North America

Republic of Guatemala is a country in Central America . In the south of the peninsula Yucatan located, Guatemala is bounded on the north by Mexico , on the northeast by Belize and the Gulf of Honduras and El Salvador. Guatemala is a scenically diverse country, so it can be divided into several regions of interest for tourists.

guatemala Guatemala


Guatemala Regions:
El Petén. Located in the northeast, the largest province of Guatemala Petén is mostly covered by dense rain forest. Although the Petén represents almost one third of the whole area of Guatemala, it is only sparsely populated. Due to the nearby Mayan ruins at Tikal, but he is one of the main tourist destinations in Guatemala. The highlands of Guatemala . It is located in central Guatemala highlands with the major cities, such as Guatemala City (La Ciudad) and Antigua Guatemala , the most densely populated area and at the same time the cultural center of the country. The landscape of the highlands is marked by numerous volcanoes (Volcán de Agua, Volcán de Fuego, Pacaya, …) and 4,000 meters high up to.

guatemala city Guatemala

guatemala city

Pacific Coast . The Pacific coast of Guatemala extends from the border with Mexico in the north to the border with El Salvador in the south. She is known for its dark sand beaches and is compared to many other beautiful coastline almost untouched and not plastered with hotels. Important cities along the Pacific coast of Guatemala are Monterrico , Puerto San Jose and Puerto Quetzal.

guatemala scenery Guatemala

guatemala scenery

Especially in information and shopping is Spanish irreplaceable. It is spoken very little English speaking people, especially the simpler ones like the peasants (campesinos), if any, Spanish or their own language. The illiteracy rate is currently 29%. The clothing in Guatemala is often very chic and colorful. The cuts are often used by tourists to leave their mark on the things that they design seamstresses and then reinstall it. Pants, wool sweaters, scarf or jacket, everything is pretty and is even in Mexico sold. Many travelers buy one there in crates and then sell the stuff at festivals in Europe and USA . Nice earnings, making sure it is but that such deals are negotiated directly with the producers and the prices are acceptable for them as well.

guatemala volcano Guatemala

guatemala volcano

To be any meals served relatively bland tasteless stale tortillas. It is eaten a lot of rice and pollo (chicken). Highly recommended are fruits such as pineapples that taste nowhere with us is as good as there. In fruits, however, you should make sure that they are fresh, with other foods such as meat, that it is prepared fresh, fried or boiled. Digestive problems will get any anyway! The Guatemalans love the way the so-called frijoles (beans), served mashed. The first sight is probably not very exciting.

The most famous beer there is Gallo. That each is immediately clear, for in every village there are hinterwälderischen ad for Pepsi and Gallo (the rooster, you will never forget). The origin of the beer is actually a German.
Guatemalan specialties, you can safely try out in the better restaurants in Antigua for example. Highly recommended local recipes such Pepian, Hilachas, Cack-ik (a spicy turkey soup), Pollo Guisado de Res Caldo or simply a (beef soup) are. Also on the Guacomole Guatemalan type is a delight. Who has an insensitive stomach should not miss it but do these things in a Comedor the Märketn in Antigua or Guatemala City, to taste.

The accommodations here are as varied as the land and people. Find suitable accommodation in Guatemala is not so easy. Though it offers in all price categories, but often is much promised and little delivered. Many hotel descriptions of “Guatemalan view” is written. Because it can easily happen that European tourists to experience unpleasant surprises. Particularly outside the capital, it is not unusual that you must pay for the nights in advance to reserve a room fixed. The more important it is to be informed well.

A very interesting address is Compass Guatemala – Compass Guatemala – provides a list of the best hotels in Guatemala, 50% hotel vouchers , including from European standards of quality approved hotels in Antigua, Tikal and Flores, Panajachel, Guatemala City and other destinations, as well as many useful travel information. The authors of the text (one Swiss and one Austrian) live in Guatemala and can therefore, often changing terms and conditions of the hotels in Guatemala kept constantly up to date and help travelers to their vacation an unforgettable experience to be.

Lago de Izabal and Caribbean Coast . To the east of the country – near the Caribbean coast – is the Lago de Izabal (Izabalsee), which is also an important tourist attraction in Guatemala. It is the largest lake in Guatemala and flows through the Rio Dulce, in the Caribbean Sea. Guatemala has, in comparison to other states, only a small proportion of the Caribbean. In the north is the Caribbean coast of Belize further south in Honduras . The main towns on the east coast of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala and Livingston .


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