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Guatemala City

by WCC on March 3, 2012

in North America

Guatemala City (Spanish: Ciudad de Guatemala , colloquially La Capital ) is the capital of the state situated in Central America, Guatemala. After the old capital of Guatemala, Antigua Guatemala , on Jul 26, 1773 was destroyed by a violent earthquake the most part, was in Guatemala City in 1775 declared the new capital. The bus is available for both tourists and locals outside for the ultimate transportation within Guatemala-stadt, and the best connection to. Taxis are plentiful, but you should be careful in the choice of shuffle mode.

guatemala city Guatemala City

guatemala city

What highly recommended here is the Central Market ( Mercado central ) in Zone 1, where one can buy both food such as fruits, vegetables, spices or even entire menus, as well as typical clothing, carvings and souvenirs from the Guatemalan villages.¬†Guatemala City has a varied colonial architecture with beautiful squares. Near Guatemala City find sites like Lake Atitlan where you can take a boat and take a nice walk, another site nearby ‘Antigua’ a city of ruins with great catidad vestige of earthquakes that devastated in ancient times, as there in other places you can buy handicrafts, (do not forget to haggle the price).

guatemala skyline Guatemala City

guatemala skyline

tikal guatemala Guatemala City

tikal guatemala

Like any other big city in Central and South America, Guatemala City as the capital of Central America’s largest crime is evident at times. Always keep in mind that not all the city represents the same level of risk. It is therefore very important to be careful not to expose themselves to dangerous places and dark, if you not staying in a downtown hotel better not take the night because public transportation after 7 is low and it’s use taxi. much of the architecture of the center is colonial and has low power lights.

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