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Guaranda Ecuador

by WCC on June 7, 2012

in South America

Guaranda is a city in Ecuador . It has about 25,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the province of Bolivar . As they are about 2,650 m height between seven hills (San Jacinto, Loma de Guaranda, San Bartolo, Cruzloma, Tililac, Talalac and El Mirador), is sometimes called the ” Rome called Ecuador”. Guaranda was found in 1534 by Sebastian de Belalcázar at the site of a settlement of the Chimbo founded with the inhabitants of the coast, advancing Pedro de Alvarado , the main competitors Benalcázars for the conquest of the Andean region around present-day Quito, resistance had done. In colonial times belonged to Guaranda Corregimiento Chimbo, of the Real Audiencia de Quito or the Viceroyalty of New Granada was under. in 1775 Guaranda was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake and its reconstruction after the seat of Corrigimiento Chimbo. From the early 19th Century until the completion of the railway line Guayaquil – Quito early 20th Century was an important way station Guaranda on the road between the two main cities of Ecuador. Guaranda is located about 60 km or one hour bus ride from Riobamba removed.

guaranda ecuador Guaranda Ecuador

guaranda ecuador

In Ecuador, the city is above all for its carnival known in which the custom of Carnival jokes is conducted in more extreme way than usual. Unlike in most other cities in Ecuador you will Guaranda not only with water hoses, but must extend to flour , eggs and other things do not hurt, but set to fly well. In the days before and after the big parade in Riobamba find there the most tourists , both from Ecuador and other countries. Guaranda is home to the 1957 Roman Catholic Diocese founded Guaranda.

guaranda Guaranda Ecuador


guaranda festival in ecuador Guaranda Ecuador

guaranda festival in ecuador

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