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Guangzhou, China

by WCC on April 3, 2012

in Asia

Guangzhou , or Canton square. Guangzhou is a city in southern China with 3,152,825 residents in the geographical urban area and 7.95 million inhabitants in administrative urban area (as at the end of 2009). It is the capital of the province Guǎngdōng (also called “Canton Province” known), and an important industrial and commercial site. Guangzhou is also known as the “factory of the world.”

guangzhou 550x439 Guangzhou, China


In China, the city is also Sui or Yangcheng (City of goats) called. The landmark of the city is a statue of five goats. Its proximity to Hong Kong has – as in the entire Pearl River Delta – had a positive impact on economic development. In Guangzhou, held twice a year – in spring and autumn – China’s largest import and export fair held. In October 2010, here was the tallest TV tower in the world (600 meters) opens.

Guangzhou is located on the Pearl River . The geographical location in Guangzhou due there a subtropical and humid monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 22 ° C . Most of the precipitation (annual average: 1,982 mm) falls during the rainy season from April to August.

In China, it says: “The Cantonese eat everything that swims, flies or has four legs, except submarines, aircraft, and tables.” . The Cantonese cuisine is very diverse with some very tasty, for Europeans, partly to get used to courts, among other things, be eaten cats, dogs and snakes, but these are on the menu of most Cantonese found either not or only rarely. Cantonese food is generally not sharp. Typical dishes are traditional Cantonese soup , porridge and Dim Sum .The Chinese food in Europe and North America is most strongly influenced Cantonese (mainly by immigrants from Hong Kong), but mostly in a modified form.

guangzhou tower 550x412 Guangzhou, China

guangzhou tower

guangzhou china 550x290 Guangzhou, China

guangzhou china

guangzhou skyline 550x381 Guangzhou, China

guangzhou skyline

guangzhou pearl river 550x412 Guangzhou, China

guangzhou pearl river

guangzhou city 550x364 Guangzhou, China

guangzhou city

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