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Guamote Ecuador

by WCC on June 7, 2012

in South America

Guamote is in Chimborazo, Ecuador. How to get in there? You can get in there by Bus. Local buses from Riobamba: 45 minutes, every 20 minutes a bus to/from Guamote . This sympathetic buses take you to the village center next to the train station. Inter Provincial buses: you bring to the Panamerican Highway, which is 5 minutes walk uphill to the village center. From Quito 4.5 you drive a bus every hour, often more frequently. From Guayaquil 5 h ride a bus every hour, often more frequently. From Cuenca 5 hours drive away, every hour a bus. But if you want to go there by train, you can find route via the route of the Devil’s Nose every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

guamote Guamote Ecuador


The village is only a few blocks wide so everything has to foot. For visiting the upper communities need a car. So, what you can view there? There are some place you can visit, the beautiful, authentic indigenous market every Thursday, Lakes Atillo, Indigenous communities, Stunning and unprecedented views of many volcanoes in the communities once deeper and higher into the mountains: Altar , Chimborazo , Cotopaxi , Tungurahua , Sangay , Carihuairazo.

The activities you can do there Horse Tours, Bicycle Tours, and Hiking. In the village there is a foundation that training for the people in the region and who has also very interesting tourist offers received by, for and by the local population. They have the experience and knowledge to get you the finest and most unique places of the region to show. Their guest house is finished and the meals are served up are good. The money you spend there will be 100 percent in the educational component of the project pumped.

guamote ecuador Guamote Ecuador

guamote ecuador

The canton Guamote situated halfway along the Andes Avenue, south of Quito, 50 km from Riobamba. Together with the other nine districts it forms part of the Chimborazo province and covers an area of ​​1223.3 km2 or 18.9% of the provincial territory, which Guamote the second largest canton in the province. The canton Guamote consists of three parishes: Guamote (village); Cebadas (rural) and Palmira (rural).

guamote people Guamote Ecuador

guamote people

The canton has a varied topography due to the presence of the central and western Andes. The majority of the cantonal territory consists of slopes, one of the main causes of erosion. The areas that are part of the canton are located between 2,600 and 4,500 mbzn, with an average temperature of 13.7 °. There are two seasons: winter (rainy and cold) and summer (warm, dry and windy).

guamote street downtown Guamote Ecuador

guamote street downtown

The language of the natives is the Kichwa. The majority of the natives is bilingual (Kichwa-Spanish). The main activity is agriculture. The main crops are potatoes, beans and barley. The main activity of the villagers trade. The Thursday market, one of the most important indigenous markets of the country, reflects the dynamism of this activity. In recent years several micro-businesses created which focus on crafts, or veeprodukten industrialization of farming. These businesses or family businesses or community enterprises.

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