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Guadeloupe is an overseas département and a region of France , consisting of a group of nine islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Windward Islands in the Caribbean . Guadeloupe is a fully integrated part of the French state, and therefore part of the European Union. Together with Martinique it is the French Antilles.

guadeloupe Guadeloupe


Guadeloupe is a French Caribbean islands. Beautiful, butterfly-shaped, it comprises Basse-Terre, volcanic mountain, and Grande-Terre, limestone plateau, which are separated by a mangrove, the Salt River. The total population of Guadeloupe is about 400 000 inhabitants. Industrial and technological life is palpable. Of services and infrastructures are similar to those of large cities (Pointe a Pitre and Basse-Terre) we felt that we could almost be in Paris or elsewhere in the province but fortunately the sun and palm trees are those in the Caribbean.

The ubiquity of freshwater has given its name in Guadeloupe: karukera, “the island of beautiful waters”. The Carbet Falls is undoubtedly one of the prettiest spots in the archipelago, it is also the site of the National Park of Guadeloupe ‘s most visited. There are many other water point to discover, such as the Leap of Lézarde, the Cascade crayfish, the jump of Acoma, the yellow bathroom … and many other rivers and hot springs, sulfur.

guadeloupe beach Guadeloupe

guadeloupe beach

All to better understand its islands of Guadeloupe and La Guadeloupe has a variety of sites and landscapes over a small area, giving the ability to split his time in several footpaths, sea or road. These courses can be organized and divided into several circuits that will be located either on the island of Basse-Terre (mountainous, rich in fauna and flora) is on the island of Grande-Terre (tourist region has large equipped beaches ) both of which are the department of Guadeloupe.

guadeloupe caribbean Guadeloupe

guadeloupe caribbean

Guadeloupe is a French region, to single department, consisting of a small archipelago: Marie-Galante , Les Saintes and Desirade that are part of Guadeloupe, but each has a character all their own. Tours from Guadeloupe to the dependencies, Marie-Galante (south), the Saintes (Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas) (south), Désirade (east), must be thoroughly prepared to organize a round trip by boat or plane. We can do the day trip but these islands are destinations in their whole and requires a stay of several days or week to enjoy. Hotels, lodges and rooms are available, it is also advisable to book in advance. In season, the Saints know a great attendance given their notoriety. Possibility of eventual rental of vehicles or scooters. The small islands of the Earth, and the islets of big ass duffle bag (caret, Fajou) are accessible by day trips. These islands are deserted, protected, and do not have accommodation.

vacation in guadeloupe Guadeloupe

vacation in guadeloupe

Fifty beaches considered among the finest in the Caribbean, all different from each other, and many rivers. With 180 different colors of sand on the island allows everyone to find his little slice of heaven: rocky beaches and white sand beaches bordering a beautiful turquoise blue water. Discover the coral reefs in water always warm and clear, careful, collecting live coral is not allowed. Might cross can be a lobster or a turtle. On the beaches you can pick up many shells and starfish.

No formalities necessary for nationals of the European community – any more than to go in any metropolitan department – thus the national identity card is sufficient. for other countries, different rules apply to the metropolitan area since the Sarkozy Law No. 2006-911 of 24 July 2006 on immigration and integration, making the formalities very long (around 6 months to get a visa), complex, very expensive (in the order of several hundred dollars of fresh provision, in addition to the prior purchase of the ticket, the room required for visa application folder), complex and random ( there are visa refusals without cause), for nationals of other countries (the Caribbean, the Americas and elsewhere). Nationals of some countries (eg Brazil) must obtain a visa for travel to Guadeloupe as they can go on the mainland without a visa. Restrictions on the transport of foodstuffs and prohibition to bring out plants without customs control.

The roads and signage are generally in fair condition on most roads (in very good condition when compared to roads of the islands of the region, and considering the constraints of extreme tropical climate). That said, the less frequented areas are not free of holes, potholes or bumpy roads. Attention to 8:00 ET around 17:00, the traffic around major cities become somewhat delicate and corked. You should know that Guadeloupe, there are two areas that include many workers. These areas are Point-a-Pitre (economic center) and Jarry (industrial area). Traffic can become very difficult at times hiring around 8:00 ~ 9:00 ET debauchery around 17:00 ~ 18:00. The axes are then the most mishap: – the road to Saint Francois to Pointe a Pitre (traffic can be slowed on the entire route) – the road from Pointe a Pitre Deshaies, especially from a Santa Rosa – the road from Capesterre, sometimes from Petit Bourg For those who would commit these roads to bad hours, it is not uncommon to spend up to two hours or more in traffic, on journeys that take less than 10 minutes if traffic conditions. French highway code is required.
The island of Guadeloupe has Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre island separated by the river between salt Mahault Bay and the airport of Pointe a Pitre. Salt River is crossed by the motorway bridge to the marriage or the D23 road called Mamelles, which allows to go quickly from one island to another.

The meshing of speed cameras is now very dense throughout, they numbered about twenty in early 2011, with many new locations during the last installed is not marked in accordance with the decisions of the President of the Republic .

Once there, public transportation is inconvenient for tourists, has noted all the same bus station is located near the ferry terminal at Pointe-à-Pitre-Bergevin where ferries depart for the islands of the archipelago , Dominica and Martinique. You will find several private bus to everywhere, and stop on demand, but no schedule provided, no guarantee that there will be bus, if it was only after 18h, it is no longer the time and it is night, and the weekends are for rest. No shuttle has the international airport, and although the tariffs are fixed by order of the prefect, a majority of taxis do not have meters and charge a client’s head in defiance of the rules of the profession. As soon as you leave the urban area, prices are relatively high (for example prices recorded in 2011: EUR 20 race to Pointe a Pitre, 60 euros to Capesterre, 80 euros to Basse Terre). The best solution (nearly unavoidable and relatively cheap) is to rent a car.

The tourist season is Christmas in March (trade winds strong and regular, the period most “cool” of the year (23 to 28 degrees on average) in July and August (warmer and wetter). Hurricane season (rainy season) lasts from June to November. the low tourist season in April and May is a dry season.

Prices vary by season, and in summer, during high season and during school holidays, the value of the Notes may take up to threefold (from 500 to 1500 euros A / R Paris-Pointe a Pitre in 2011) . Scheduled airlines sometimes put up discounted rates if you book well in advance. Companies allocate aircraft cabins in different booking classes. Thus, in the same device, for an identical service, prices can vary from simple to double. Explanation: 20 seats are sold at such a rate super promo, once the quota is sold, the price increases and so on. So the more you book in advance, the more likely you are to enjoy a nice price.

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