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Guadalajara – Mexico

by WCC on March 20, 2012

in North America

Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco, federal state of Mexico. State capital and second largest city of Mexico by population and importance, internationally known for being the home of mariachi and tequila and Tlaquepaque, a city in its periphery which is one of the richest centers of craft production in the country. The “Perla de Occidente” Mexico is a majestic city, rich in monuments, parks and flowers, fountains and trees lining its boulevards; a lively penetrating charm that attracts the attention of those who visit for the first time and to keep it centered during the entire week. The rich heritage of colonial Mexico is evident throughout, especially in its huge cathedral, a symbol of the city. The towns of Talquepaque and Tonalá, now annexed to the city, are both world-renowned for the quality and variety of their crafts. The average temperature of Guadalajara is equal to 19.2 º C.

guadalajara Guadalajara   Mexico


For more information about Guadalajara, you can download the guide with information on attractions and activities, as well as maps of the city, the historic center of Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Zapopan Guadalajara and its surroundings.

guadalajara downtown Guadalajara   Mexico

guadalajara downtown

guadalajara mexico Guadalajara   Mexico

guadalajara mexico

catedral guadalajara mexico Guadalajara   Mexico

catedral guadalajara mexico

guadalajara photos Guadalajara   Mexico

guadalajara photos

pin it button Guadalajara   Mexico

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