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Travel Guide to Vacation in Grenada

by WCC on February 28, 2012

in North America

Grenada is a Caribbean island with beautiful beaches, a turquoise sea, plenty of untouched nature and secluded coves. The interior of the island rise up to 900 meters high, extinct volcanic cones that are the rain forests and spice plantations covered. There is much to discover: Crater lakes, numerous waterfalls, old forts and hot springs, not to mention the capital St. George’s , one of the most beautiful harbor cities in the West Indies.

grenada Travel Guide to Vacation in Grenada

Grenada is a very green and diverse Caribbean island, of course, there are in Grenada, the typical Caribbean beaches such as the Morne Rouge, the Levera Beach in the north or located on the Atlantic side of La Sagesse, and many more both white and black sandy beaches in Grenada. This island, however, has so much more to offer. There are three volcanic crater lakes, which are quite unique in the Caribbean. You can explore the rain forest hidden waterfalls, visiting old plantations, such as the Dougladston the River Antoine Rum Factory Estate or. There are old historic forts such as Fort George and Fort Frederick. But of course, botanical gardens, such as the Bay Garden in St. Paul’s. But in no case shall it the capital of St. George’s one of the most beautiful harbor cities in the Caribbean forgotten its colorful market visit. And what would a Caribbean island with no carnival, it is also in Grenada and he is held every year on the first weekend in August.

Grenada is located in the southeastern Caribbean and is the southernmost of the Windward Islands. The state of Grenada consists of three islands, Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Grenada is the largest of three islands, with a width of 18 km and a length of 34 km. and a total of about 344 square kilometers. Grenada is a mountainous island and its highest peak is Mount Saint Catherine, at 840 meters. Carriacou is a little flatter than Grenada, with a total area of ​​33 square kilometers and lies, like his little sister Petit Martinique, north of Grenada. The island of Grenada is divided (not to be confused with the capital, St. George’s which is located in the area of ​​St. George) in 6 regions with the name of St. George, St. John, St. Mark, St. Patrick, St. Andrew and St. David.

grenada calivigny island Travel Guide to Vacation in Grenada
grenada calivigny island

HISTORY – Christopher Columbus discovered Grenada in September of 1498, but he has never even entered it. Columbus gave the island, but a name and that he named it Concepcion (Conception). Shortly after, she was renamed again already, as the Spanish sailors, the lush green hills compared with those of your Andalusian home, and hence called the island of Granada, in reference to the Spanish Granada. At that time lived in Grenada only two light-skinned Indian tribes. On the one hand, it was the military Carib Indians and the peaceful Arawaks. These strains were originally from the South American mainland arrives on the island and they gave the island the name Camerhogne.

grenada scenery Travel Guide to Vacation in Grenada
grenada scenery

The French gave the island later named La Grenade (the jewel), but this name was changed shortly afterwards by the British in the name of Grenada. Until the beginning of the 17th Century it was the Europeans because of the large resistance of the Carib Indians not possible to colonize the island.

In 1609 a group of Europeans had unsuccessfully attempted to colonize the island, the second attempt, a group of French people in 1638 to build on the island, the first small settlement and 1650 a French expedition succeeded in the first friendly contact with the indigenous people to take . The French have bought the chief of the Carib Indians, the island for a few glass beads, a barrel of whiskey and a nice dress and the hostilities between the Caribs and the French were finished. Since the French, however, tried their island ever colonize and impose their laws and the Carib Indians, there was a very short time to the fierce fighting, the Caribs were determined not to accept the French legislation. The superiority of the French, however, was now so great that the Indians have no chance and thus decided the last surviving Carib warriors rush to the north of the island from a cliff to his death. This place was later ‘Leapers Hill’ called.
The next ninety years were marked by struggles against the British and we still see today the witnesses of that past in the form of the Fort Frederick and Fort George. Eventually the island was in 1783 awarded by the Treaty of Versailles, the British. After the fighting between the British and then the British were a large number of African slaves brought into the country to create sugar plantations.
In 1795 the British colonial rule was then challenged seriously, from Julian Fedon, a son of a French plantation owner and his African mistress. Under Fedon’s leadership, the slaves rebelled in a violent revolution and brought the whole island, and at the capital, St. George’s their rule. Ultimately, rebellion was crushed by the English, and only in 1834, slavery was abolished in Grenada. The place is high up in the mountains of Grenada, who was on Fedon’s Camp, now a popular destination for hikers.
In 1877, Grenada formally British crown colony in 1967 and closed in the British Commonwealth. Since 1974 the island gained its independence. Despite the long rule of the British, the French influence is still evident in the names of many places, their buildings and the strict faith.
The first Prime Minister of Grenada, which was introduced in 1974 in his office was seen as very corrupt, and so was in 1979, then Maurice Bishop in a bloodless revolution took power and used his own ministers. In the following years, he then has a functioning school, – and health system was introduced and started to open tourism. He had begun in the south of the island’s international airport at Point Saline build needed but you need international assistance. This was rejected by both the Europeans and the Americans. Cuba and the former USSR were very impressed and helped the small island nation in the construction of the new airport. Some members of the government of Maurice Bishop wanted to deepen those ties with the communist states, but the prime minister did not agree and so there was a renewed coup within the government with Maurice Bishop and most of his ministers arrested and shortly thereafter in the courtyard of the Fort George were executed. That was the reason for the United States, Jamaica and the Eastern Caribbean community to intervene militarily.
Upon completion of their now famous rescue mission, the Allied forces the order presented in the country again, and so forth were held free elections in December 1984, by a democratic government could come to power.
In the past 20 years, Grenada has developed into an independent, peaceful and democratic state. Grenada has been preserved despite all its original and idyllic Caribbean lifestyle.

la sagesse bay granada beach Travel Guide to Vacation in Grenada
la sagesse bay granada beach

For the entry is a valid passport is required and a return or onward ticket. There is no visa requirement for nationals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with at least 6 months valid passport or identity card children of Germany for a stay up to max. 90 days. The Children’s passports for children under 10 must be accompanied by a photograph, be also noted in the children must pass as a nationality “German”.

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