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Guide to Vacation in Greenland

by WCC on January 13, 2012

in North America

Greenland is the largest island on earth and is covered with ice to about 84%. The island is geographically part of North America , but politically to Denmark . Since 1979, Greenland has an autonomous status, which means it’s independent foreign policy is domestic policy, however, represented by Denmark. Since 1985, Greenland is no longer a member of the EC.

greendland Guide to Vacation in Greenland


The name Greenland (grassland) goes back to the Viking Erik the Red returned, which reached the island in 982 and renamed Sun The Inuit call the island Kalaallit Nunaat (Land of the Greenlanders). The first evidence of human habitation date back to around 2500 BC and come from the Disko Bay . Around 875 where the first Vikings appeared and after the Viking Gunnbjörn the island was called Gunnbjörnland. Christianity was introduced around 1000 AD, as Leif Erikson, a missionary from Norway to Greenland returning. It was he who discovered North America, which he Vinland (Wineland) called and with which the Greenland Vikings to the 14th Century trade relations among themselves.From about 1000 AD Inuit migrated from the North American mainland to northern Greenland , and settled in the area around the present Thule.

greenland iceland Guide to Vacation in Greenland

greendland iceland

In the 16th Century, the era of the Vikings to an end and the island sank into oblivion. Only in the 18th Century it was rediscovered and the Norwegians use them as a base for whaling. Now begins the Christianization of the Inuit. In 1814, Greenland was in the Peace of Kiel to Denmark. Norway in 1933 but his claims were finally on. During World War II Greenland was of strategic importance in the context of air and sea surveillance of the Atlantic. After the second World War has strengthened the bases in the context of the Cold War continued. The result was a giant in Thule U.S. air force base.

greenland mountains Guide to Vacation in Greenland

greendland mountains

Until 1953, Greenland was a colony of Denmark and was then a province. Since 1979, Greenland’s domestic policy autonomy. Since the first January 1985, Greenland is not an EU member. An international airport with connections to Denmark and Iceland is Narsarsuaq , other airports with connections to IcelandKulusuk and Constable Point in Ittoqqortoormiit. In Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Strømfjord) flight connection to Denmark.

greendland location Guide to Vacation in Greenland

greendland location

Since there is no road network, the easiest way to get from place to place, the aircraft for long distance, the helicopter and sometimes coastal vessels for medium ranges. The Greenlanders also use dog sledding in the winter and summer in small motor boats to reach the surrounding settlements. There are many journeys on demand.
In relation to the crime Greenland is considered safe.

greendland people Guide to Vacation in Greenland

greendland people

In the larger cities (Nuuk, Ilulissat, Kangerlussusq, Sisimiut), there are police stations. An understanding with the English officials is usually no problem. The emergency numbers (police, ambulance, fire brigade) in the cities are in the phone book on one of the first pages. (There is only a thin phone book for the whole of Greenland.)
Who wants the “Arctic Circle Trail” should pass to the police station in Kangerlussuaq, respectively. Report back from Sisimiut or. That for long walks to take with recommended security package (ANNA-Notpaket) can be purchased in stores all KNI.

greendland town Guide to Vacation in Greenland

greendland town

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