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Great Wall of China

by WCC on January 22, 2012

in Asia

The Great Wall of China also called “Great Wall”, is a historic border fortress , which the Chinese Empire from nomadic horsemen people should protect from the north. According to a recent survey by Chinese authorities in April 2009, the length of the Great Wall of China was reported to be 8851.8 km. This figure also 2233 km natural barriers such as rivers and mountains are included. With regard to volume and mass is the Great Wall of China as the largest building in the world. Here, the wall consists of a system of several partially unconnected sections of varying ages and design, the main wall is 2400 km long.

great wall of china Great Wall of China

great wall of china

The Chinese name Li 10 000 long wall includes a length specification. A Li corresponds to approximately 575.5 m, 10,000 Li are therefore approximately 5755 km. The number 10,000 is available in Chinese, but for infinity or an innumerable quantity (cf. myriad ), which is why the phrase about incredibly long wall means. The wall is now restored continuously by government funding. The most famous restored wall section extends at Badaling , 70 km north-west of Beijing .

While some parts of the wall in the vicinity of tourist centers or even get restored , were large sections of the wall currently in poor condition. Some of them are used by villagers from nearby as source rock for houses and roads. Sections of the wall were also graffiti painted or torn down to make room for other construction projects. Since 2006, the wall is protected, and it is forbidden to use them as a quarry. The ” company of the great Chinese wall “is committed to preserving. Overall, the Great Wall is still very poorly researched and scientifically described. The historical sources are not uniformly collected and very scattered. The national, Chinese Heritage Authority has had surveyed 2007-2009, the Great Wall. Consequently, also the geographical location and the condition of the wall can be determined. Following are the results of the survey by the State authorities for mapping and preservation of the approximately 8850 km, only 513 km of the wall in good condition.

The UNESCO declared the Great Wall of China in 1987 to world heritage . 2007, the Great Wall of China from its 70 million people in a private initiative was one of the ” new seven wonders selected “. [20] Both the UNESCO as the official guardian of the world cultural heritage as an example and Egypt (Ancient Wonder of the World : Pyramids of Giza ) distanced themselves from the “private campaign” without scientific criteria designated election.

great wall of china wallpaper Great Wall of China

great wall of china wallpaper

great wall of china side view Great Wall of China

great wall of china side view

great wall of china map Great Wall of China

great wall of china map

great wall of china from space Great Wall of China

great wall of china from space

great wall of china drawing Great Wall of China

great wall of china drawing

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