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Granada, Spain

by WCC on June 8, 2012

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Granada is the capital of the province of Granada in southern Spain and is located in a metropolitan area of the Vega de Granada. The city has 240 099 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011), most of which are in the processing of agricultural products or tourism work.

granada spain Granada, Spain

granada spain

Granada is situated at the junction of the Sierra de la Alfaguara Huétor y in the Vega (flood plain) of Granada at the confluence of the Darro and Genii to an average height above sea level of 734 m. The city covers an area of 87.8 square kilometers. The town developed from two nuclei. From the hilltop of today’s Albaicin, the city grew because of the protection through a combination adopted by archaeologists wall (Coracha) with the Alhambra, first from the valley of the Darro, and eventually spread into the Vega.

Today Bibarambla Plaza (from the Arabic al-Baab Ramlah, “Gate of the sand bank” or “river bed”) marks its approximate extent of the medieval West. The second core from which the city developed, the district Realejo. Here, the Jewish origin of the town, al-Yahud Garnata , have been located. The current name of this neighborhood is a hybrid of the Latin regalis (“regal”) and the Arab Rahal (“camp”). The last 1.6 kilometers of the route of the Darro to its mouth in the Genii since 19th century through the Plaza Nueva, Calle Reyes Católicos and the Acera del Darro overbuilt, at the Church of Santa Ana y San Gil, the river disappears underground.

Granada has 234,325 inhabitants, of which 14,373 people from abroad. Approximately 23,000 Granadian are unemployed. As a university town with up to 80,000 students, Granada is a relatively “young” city.

granada nicaragua Granada, Spain

granada nicaragua

granada city Granada, Spain

granada city

granada alhambra Granada, Spain

granada alhambra

granada Granada, Spain


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