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Gothenburg, Sweden

by WCC on March 26, 2012

in Europe

Gothenburg is a major city in the Swedish province of longer Västra Götaland and the historical provinces of Västergötland and Bohuslän. Gothenburg to Stockholm, the second largest city in Sweden. The city is divided into ten districts and is part of the statistical unit wholesale Gothenburg (Storgöteborg) with 917.984 inhabitants (2009).

gothenburg Gothenburg, Sweden


The university town located on the west coast of Sweden on both sides of the river Göta älv that there in the Kattegat leads. The neighborhoods north of the river are on the island Hisingen, the fourth largest and most populous island in Sweden. North of Gothenburg harbor are also the islands Tjörn and Orust. Larger areas are part of the landscape Hisingen Bohuslän, while the southern areas in Göteborg Västergötland lie. Compared to about Stockholm Gothenburg has a climate more favorable position and, with an ice-free harbor a significant economic advantage (heavy industry and ferry ride).

The city located upstream in the Kattegat, the archipelago (skärgård) for smaller and smaller rocky archipelago islands, some of which are inhabited. Gothenburg is the capital of the Gothenburg Municipality to the 17.138 hectares (84%) of the surface of Tätorts include Gothenburg with 481 640 inhabitants (88%). Smaller parts of the Tätorts among the surrounding communities Mölndal (1,951 ha, 38.938 inhabitants), Partille (1,272 ha, 29.257 inhabitants), Härryda (2 acres, 4 people) and Ale (4 ha, no inhabitants, and all data, 2010). Tto large-Gothenburg (Storgöteborg) include not only the community Gothenburg and the total territory of the municipalities mentioned Mölndal, Partille, Härryda and ale and the communities Alingsås, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Lilla Edet, Öckerö, Stenungsund and Tjörn.

gothenburg winter Gothenburg, Sweden

gothenburg winter

gothenburg wheel Gothenburg, Sweden

gothenburg wheel

gothenburg university Gothenburg, Sweden

gothenburg university

gothenburg sweden Gothenburg, Sweden

gothenburg sweden

gothenburg opera house Gothenburg, Sweden

gothenburg opera house

gothenburg city Gothenburg, Sweden

gothenburg city

gothenburg at night Gothenburg, Sweden

gothenburg at night

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