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Goa, India

by WCC on March 27, 2012

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Goa is the smallest Indian state . It is located on the west-central coast of India. Goa has an area of 3702 square miles and nearly 1.5 million people (Census 2011). The capital of Goa is Panaji , by the Portuguese Pangim , by the British in Panjim called. Goa is the same for the former city, now Goa Velha named. The region was about 450 years Portuguese colony, and therefore has a particular cultural background. Hardly an Indian state is culturally strongly influenced by a European colonial power was such as Goa. This also shows the high Catholic population.

Goa 550x366 Goa, India


With an area of only 3702 square kilometers and a north-south length of 105 kilometers and an east-west extension of more than 65 kilometers, Goa is the smallest state of India . Goa is located on the Konkanküste , the central west coast of India. It is bordered to the north by the state of Maharashtra in the south and east by Karnataka and in the west to the Arabian Sea . The coastline is 101 kilometers.

On the narrow coastal plain close to similar terrace, 30 to 100 meters high plateaus of the east into the foothills of Western Ghats merge. The mountains of the Western Ghats, covering about 15 percent of the country are, on average, 800 meters high, but some mountains rise to over 1000 meters. Goa’s highest peak is 1167 meters above sea level, the Sonsogor . Goa’s coastline is heavily dissected by broad river estuaries. The Mormugao Bay is considered one of the best natural harbors in South Asia. All major rivers rise in the Western Ghats. The most important rivers are the Zuari and Mandovi in the center of Goa, Chapora and Terekhol in the north and Sal and Talpona in the south.

old goa church 550x412 Goa, India

old goa church

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goa india

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goa beach

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