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by WCC on April 3, 2012

in Africa

Ghana is in West Africa. The capital is Accra, with about 2 million inhabitants. The so-called second capital of Ghana is Kumasi . The main town in the north is Tamale , on the west coast of Cape Coast . Tema is the “sister” of Accra, the main port city, a few kilometers from the capital.

ghana Ghana


Ghana is the biggest attraction in Mole National Park, near Tamale. It also draws a to Bolgatanga and from there to a nearby crocodile. The Kakuum National Park, near Cape Coast, with its suspension bridges is also worth a visit. But Kumasi should be included in the plan. Here you can browse the largest market in Ghana. A passage from Akosombo to Kete Krachi (first stop) and continue to Yeji (second stop) on a cargo ship in the midst of bananas, yams, cocoa beans, and fish is an absolute must. Tickets must be solved on the spot on the day of departure. There are about four 1.Klass suites, each with a Kajutenbett (120,000 cedis) and separate toilets / showers. For 66,000 cedis, which is incredible for Ghanaian conditions much money you can get hold somewhere on deck or in the upper / lower floor a sleeping place on benches and tables. It is to be an advantage, as the lunchtime queue for a ticket. Places are limited. The trip to Kete Krachi lasts about 14 hours.

After 2007, the CDI 4 zeros were canceled, the ticket would cost only 12 € CDI. Otherwise the Übrfahrt violently with about 1000 € for a European.

Getting there
Air France, Lufthansa, Royal Air Maroc, Egypt Air, Afriquiah Airways, KLM and Alitalia flight to Ghana. The flight duration is from Paris with Air France 7 hours, from Royal Air Maroc to Casablanca with 5.5 hours, from Frankfurt / Main with 7.5 hours Lufthansa British Airways also flies to Accra, made in 7 hours from London. The price differences are vast and range from early booked cheap flight back to their regular flight between approximately 415th – and 1700 -. € in the Economieklasse including airport tax. Anyone who is not tied to a particular destination should umbedingt several airports that include the best in different countries, in its flight search. Sometimes transfers are also cheaper than direct flights.

Tro-Tros with the so-called do you get anywhere. Tro-Tros are rickety minibuses, in which many people are shoved in as possible. The advantage: You can stop the car anywhere (so there are no bus stops) and it is very cheap. For long trips, there is the STC buses [3] . The most expensive (because air-conditioned) variant of the coaches. Locally at the big stations can be found but there are other buses.

Street names are in Ghana, although given the state, but in the general population and among taxi drivers hardly known. For orientation are known buildings (such as the National Theatre in Accra and the major hotels). Unlike Europe, the passenger must know the way to the destination and to instruct the taxi driver.
You can also travel from south to north by boat. 32 hours on the Volta Lake.

The most widely spoken language in Ghana is not Ashanti (Ashanti does not) but Twi. Ashanti is a people group. Twi is part of the Akan (Twi language group consisting of, Nfanti, bronopol). Other languages ​​spoken are Ga and Fante. The official language of Ghana is English and is also in the essential things understood by everyone and talked. With hands and feet but also to get quite far. A few words of Twi or Fante is very good and you will immediately bombarded with questions formally. It is then banished to wait for answers in the native language and aplaudiert loud.

ghana africa Ghana

ghana africa

kelsey finnegan in ghana Ghana

kelsey finnegan in ghana

You get to eat something at every street corner. Accra: if European needs, then you should visit the Osu district Tro Tro Station or the “37″, here you will find supermarkets with large European goods, of course, extremely price. Otherwise you get at many stations Tro Tro essentials. Books on hygiene to food. Most suitable and largest station, however, the “circle in” is. If you are looking for souvenirs, then you should go to the Art Center near the “Tema Station”. Here you will find fabrics, clothes, jewelry and all that they can think of European tourists as souvenirs, but the prices are “Europeans” calculated. Kumasi here you can find on the market, located in the city, just imagine all that you can. It is said that everything can be bought here, but no planes.

Going out
On every corner there is a bar (called spot) where you can relish drink his beer. The only downside: The music is always too loud! In Accra, there are plenty of discos and Kuamsi, where only the more upscale of the Ghanaian film can be seen. These clubs are very noble and just about as expensive as clubs in Germany. The Ghanaians love to dance, so you can not just up the road, but especially on a Friday or Saturday evening to watch a spot in many Ghanaians dancing.

You should choose a hostel before and no matter where you end up really, despite all his credibility always carry important things with you and nothing can be more alone in the room, even if it is completed. There is always a spare key, remember, folks!

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kevin prince boateng

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ghana football

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ghana stadium

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ghana people

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ghana memorial site

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ghana village

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