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Georgia | United States of America

by WCC on March 8, 2012

in North America

Georgia is a state in southeastern United States of America (USA). Georgia was in 1732 as the last thirteen colonies founded and was the fourth state, the Constitution of the United States on 2 Ratified in January 1788. On 19 January 1861, he seceded from the United States until 1865 and was one of the seven Confederate States of America . Georgia was to George II appointed. The nickname is Peach State (Peach State).

georgia aquarium Georgia | United States of America

georgia aquarium

The north of the state lies in mountains Blue Ridge Mountains . The highest point of the state is Brasstown Bald (1458 m). The coastline on the Atlantic coast is 161 km. In Georgia, three are National Monuments. Georgia is in west-east direction, a length of 370 km between 81 ° W to 85 ° 53′W and in the north-south direction, a width of 480 km between 30 ° 31′N to 35 ° N.

Georgia is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean , and the U.S. state of South Carolina , on the south by the State of Florida , and west to the state of Alabama and to the north by the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. 9,363,941 inhabitants live in Georgia (as of July 1, 2006), with 62.6% white , 28.7% African American , 5.3% Hispanics or Latinos , 2.1% Asian Americans and 0.3% Indians . Georgia occupied by the states of the 9th Rank by population. There are 3,006,369 households.

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georgia bridge

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georgia savannah

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atlanta georgia

The first European was Spaniard Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón , which in 1526 near the island of St. Catherine’s Iceland , the first colony founded and Hernando de Soto , who came to the coast of Georgia in 1540 and explored the region.
In 1566 the Spaniards founded Santa Catalina . The conflict between Spain and England broke out about 1670, when the British from the North Carolina and the Spaniards from the South Florida collided. The British called the country in honor of King George II, Georgia . In 1680 they were able to occupy the Spanish Santa Catalina. On 17 November 1732 drove the English adventurer James Oglethorpe with 120 comrades to Georgia in order to establish the first British settlement in Georgia. He and 114 colonists arrived on the 12th Yamacraw Bluff in February 1733 and founded the city of Savannah , and thus Georgia. Later other people joined in the settlement, Salzburg and Scots. After bloody battles with the Spaniards and internal disputes, the colony was in 1752 a royal governor and 1755, a provincial legislature. 1776, Georgia was able to break away from the British and became autonomous. Georgia was one of the 13 colonies against British rule in North America revolted ( Revolutionary War ). It entered the U.S. on 2 January 1788 as the fourth state in. Georgia in 1798 prohibited the last of the U.S. states of the slave trade , but not the use of slaves . 1802, it was left to his compensation claim to the land beyond the present western boundary of the Union. Conflicts in land settlement with Creek and Cherokee , were shipped to the west into Indian Territory, came 1838 between the Federal and the State Government, but were resolved peacefully. During the Civil War (1861-1865) was one of the Georgia Confederate States of America , and suffered severely from the effects of war.

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