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Genoa, Italy

by WCC on June 1, 2012

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Genoa is the capital of the Italian region of Liguria. Located in the northwest of the country on the Ligurian Sea located in the former center of the Middle Ages, major republic of Genoa is now the administrative seat of the province. Genoa has 800,000 inhabitants in the agglomeration and 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. The boulevards Le Strade Nuove with the Renaissance – and Baroque buildings of the Palazzi dei Rolli in the center of the town were in 2006 by the UNESCO for World Heritage site declared.

genoa Genoa, Italy


In the Bay of Genoa rise the mountains of the Apennines at steeply inland, thereby determining the overall characteristics of the city. Genoa is almost exclusively due to its location facing the sea city. This becomes clear from, for example at a train ride from Milan appear suddenly after several minutes long, pitch-black tunnels, the Mediterranean and the city.

In Genoa, the separation between the colonized is extremely dense, often haphazardly built coastal strip and the village-like, affected by increasing emigration, poor hinterland structure that shapes all over Liguria, particularly clear. Today may be greater because of these contrasts the points of contact with the Genoese distant port cities throughout the Mediterranean as a geographical standpoint, only a few kilometers away, according to the tradition and mentality but worlds away Apennine mountain village.

geno wallpaper Genoa, Italy

genoa wallpaper

genoa landscape Genoa, Italy

genoa landscape

genoa italy Genoa, Italy

genoa italy

Geographically, Genoa is exactly the center of the Italian region of Liguria. Which is about 35 km along the Mediterranean coast city rushing towards the southeast in the so-called. Riviera di Levante (to La Spezia), in a southwesterly direction in the so-called. Riviera di Ponente (up Ventimiglia) over. In Genoa, it is common regional location data with the main directions Levant (ie south-east of Genoa) and with Ponente indicate (to the west of Genoa). Genoa in the Italian language was often the addition superba la or la dominant.

genoa city Genoa, Italy

genoa city

genoa beach Genoa, Italy

genoa beach

genoa harbour Genoa, Italy

genoa harbour

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