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Geneva, Switzerland

by WCC on March 28, 2012

in Europe

Geneva is a municipality and the capital of the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland. Geneva, with its about 192,000 inhabitants, according to Zurich’s second largest city in Switzerland. With 46.8 percent is one of Geneva residents (in addition to Kreuzlingen) among the cities with a high proportion of foreigners. The city lies on the southwestern edge of the French-speaking Switzerland (Romandie) at the outlet of the Rhone from the Lake of Geneva.

geneva Geneva, Switzerland


The city of Geneva is the headquarters of many international organizations including UN , CERN , ICRC , WHO , ILO , ISO , ITU , WIPO , WMO , WOSM , WTO and UNHCR. In addition to Zurich, Geneva is the second largest financial center, followed by Switzerland, from Lugano. For years, Geneva, Zurich next most expensive one of the cities with the cost of living and with the highest quality of life listed worldwide. Since 2012 Geneva is the third most expensive city in the world, behind Zurich and Tokyo.

Geneva was until 1870 the most populous city in Switzerland. This place has become the city of Zurich accepted. On 29 February 2012 was one of the city of Geneva 192’118 inhabitants. The agglomeration of Geneva is determined every ten years at the census in 2007 included new and 471’314 inhabitants respectively, across the country with 780,000 inhabitants France. Foreigners make up 46.8 percent (29 February 2012). This explains, in particular by the number of international organizations in the city. The extended metropolitan area, the Geneva-Lausanne metropolitan area has 1.2 million inhabitants.

lake geneva Geneva, Switzerland

lake geneva

geneva switzerland Geneva, Switzerland

geneva switzerland

geneva fountain Geneva, Switzerland

geneva fountain

geneva city Geneva, Switzerland

geneva city

geneva at night Geneva, Switzerland

geneva at night

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