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Geelong, Victoria, Australia

by WCC on May 22, 2012

in Australia

Geelong is a port city with 160,000 inhabitants in the Australian member state Victoria . It is the second largest city in the state and the center of the administrative area of Greater Geelong City .

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Geelong is located at the western end of Port Phillip Bay , which in this part of Corio Bay is called, about 75 kilometers southwest of Melbourne . The center is located between the Bay and the Barwon River . A small hill blocks the flow path in the Port Phillip Bay, southeast of the city he so into the Bass Strait flows. From the city to the open sea is about 20 kilometers. East of Geelong lies the Bellarine Peninsula . Begins just south of the famous Great Ocean Road with a variety of resorts and attractions like the Twelve Apostles . Geelong is a regional center of a rural region.

The city’s name comes from the word Jillong with which the Aborigines called the bay.┬áBefore the 1830s only a few Europeans explored the area. On 1 February 1802 was the first time a British boat in the Port Phillip Bay on the road. In March 1836, were the first settlers settled in the area of Geelong. 1838 already 545 people lived in Geelong. The town at that time had a church, a hotel, a shop and a wool store. Since 1841, wool from Geelong to UK exports. At the time, regularly frequented steamer to Melbourne, and a newspaper was published.

As in Ballarat gold was found, also benefited from Geelong Gold Rush 90 kilometers northwest and increased to a similar size to Melbourne. When the gold rush was over, the wool was the main source of income. From the 1920s to various industrial companies were down on the ground.

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