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Ganges River, India

by WCC on March 11, 2012

in Asia

The Ganges River  is over 2600 km long second largest river of India and Bangladesh ( South Asia ). It flows through the great plain south of the Himalayas , which is one of the most densely populated areas on earth. The Ganges is the holiest river of the Hindus and also heavily impacted by sewage.

gangas river 550x412 Ganges River, India

gangas river

The Ganges and its tributaries drain the area between the main line of Himalayan peaks and the northern mountain ranges of the Deccan as Vindhyagebirge and Aravalligebirge . In the Gangetic plain swing all the rivers to the southeast, and accumulate in the moderately meandering , interspersed by sandbars main stream. With the entry into the Ganges delta branch more power arms south to the Gulf of Bengal , whereas the main stream of the Ganges, from the border to Bangladesh Padma called to deal with the much larger Brahmaputra , here Jamuna unites called. The combined stream reaches, has grown to become Asia’s mightiest river, as Lower Meghna is also the Bay of Bengal.

The name of the Ganges in the narrower sense, only the main part of the large collecting vein of the numerous water bodies in the central part of the north Indian plains. He also stands for the river system as a whole, which is characterized by an unusually rapid and large-scale variability of water courses, with the result that in many cases no longer historically developed names of rivers with the main currents match today.

gangas river sunset 550x412 Ganges River, India

gangas river sunset

gangas river india 550x366 Ganges River, India

gangas river india

gangas river festival 550x412 Ganges River, India

gangas river festival

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