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French Guiana

by WCC on February 6, 2012

in South America

French Guiana is in South America . Bordering countries are Brazil and Suriname . French Guiana is overgrown with jungle to 90%. Except for a few towns and villages in the center of the country (eg Saul), only the coast is inhabited. Except for a few smaller creeks and streams, there are two major rivers, the chestnuts, which marks the western border with Suriname and the Oyapok forms in the eastern border with Brazil. In addition to the Devil’s Islands, there are also a few small islands off Rémire. French Guiana is part of the European Union. Therefore, the borders with Suriname and Brazil are also the EU’s external borders.
The population is made up of various ethnic groups – about 40 different Indian tribes – Noirs Marrons and Creoles: descendants of slaves abducted at the time of colonization – French – Hmong (Laos) – Brazilian – Surinamese – Antillais.

french guiana French Guiana

French Guiana has taken over as an overseas department of France, a French territory which their culture to some extent. The majority of the population is Catholic and there is the same holidays as the Catholics and the French in general. In Guyana, there are many Brazilians. Through it was probably brought the tradition into the country to celebrate the carnival very extensively, with colorful costumes and parades.

In French Guiana has a tropical climate. The temperature stays the same all year round, at about 26 ° C. Due to the high humidity, however, there is a warmer front. At night it cools down, it is sufficient, however, long pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt or a sweater to wear thin.
From December to May / June is the rainy season, dry season from June to December. During the rainy season there are daily heavy rain or heavy rain. It is therefore a bit cooler than during the dry season (approximately 25 ° C). “Dry season” means that it only rains occasionally. The humidity is still very high.

french guiana beach French Guiana

Unfortunately, there is little or no public transport in French Guiana. Cayenne is a bus, it is not recommended to leave on the fact that the bus arrives on time. The towns along the coast can be reached by car. Most cities in the forest can be reached only by plane, since there are no roads. There is a good network of collective taxis for example, in the morning from St. Laurent to drive Cayenne. Just to be around 9 am at the harbor and the van looking at where the goal is written. waiting or traveling on the road and hope for the space is still free.

The official language is French in French Guiana. The second most important language is Creole. It is mainly spoken by the Creole part of the population but also by others. Among the young Creole is sometimes very common. In addition, we hear much Portuguese.
With English you come to Guyana, unfortunately, not very far. It is recommended to master at least basics of French.

french guiana flag French Guiana

There is a “hypermarket” something outside of Cayenne. This is a shopping center where there is next to a large supermarket (hypermarket), smaller shops such as jewelers or mobile phone shops. In the supermarket, there are books on a wide selection of clothing and food pretty much everything.
In the city there are small supermarkets and other shopping opportunities. There is also a large number of “Epiceries” (similar to a “corner shop”). There are mainly food but also other things such as anti-mosquito spray, toothpaste and other toiletries, stationery, etc.

french guiana forest French Guiana

Many supermarkets as “Ecomax”, “8 a huit” or “match” is found in the larger cities. There are many “Chinese”, which lead many products even cheaper than the “big ones”. In addition, they also offer many Asian dishes.
The prices are very high. There is a “luxury tax”, for example, for electronic goods and foods such as dairy products that are imported from France, are also very expensive.

The kitchen is for Europeans guayanesiche very exotic. There are plenty of fish and meat of animals from the jungle. In some restaurants, including protected species are available (eg, turtle soup, or caiman), please do not take this!
Especially in the larger towns there are also some very good restaurants. They are everywhere and are Brazilian and Chinese / Asian cuisine. Pizza and steak house complete the picture.
Something you should be careful in the smaller restaurants with hygiene, this Teman in the tropics has been many a stomach ache prepared.

During the carnival (from the 1st Sunday in January to Ash Wednesday) is celebrated very much. Every Sunday parades in Cayenne, Kourou and Saint Laurent.
At night you can go to a disco or a bar. In Cayenne for the carnival season, “Le Soleil Levant” and “Chez Polina” to recommend, in Kourou “La Matadô”.
Outside the carnival can go next to the discos and bars, “Petit Bar De L’ouest”, “bar Palmistes”, “Lido Night”, “Loft” “Acropolis”
There is also a bowling center in Rémire-Montjoly.
In Kourou the disco “Clibertown” is recommended, further, there is the “Saxo” and the “Vieux, delivered” Recently there is in the industrial area Pariacabo on the outskirts of Kourou is also a bowling center, just behind the restaurant, “Milles Pates” Who in the evening just want to drink something and take a small snack is in one of many small street pubs in good hands.

french guiana map French Guiana

Vaccinations are important. Due to poor medical care is a risk of disease. Malaria is particularly widespread in French Guiana. Just can occur: cholera, diarrheal diseases, typhoid, rabies and ticks could transmit dangerous infections. The yellow fever vaccination is required.
In the forest you should wear long clothing and sturdy shoes as there are spiders and snakes.
Hygiene is always a problem in the tropics. Many toilets in Guyana do not meet our need for cleanliness in Central Europe. Disinfecting wipes, ready packed in handy sachet, often provide good service here. Of course you should wash fruits and vegetables is always good, peel or cook.

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