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Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

by WCC on July 24, 2012

in North America

The Fremont Street Experience (FSE) is an attraction in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The FSE roofs five most western blocks of the Fremont Street. Besides, it concerns a vault-shaped dome which is high in the highest point 27 Meter (90 feet) and approx. 450 meters (in 1500 foot) is long. It was the first project of architect Jon Jerde who sketched later different other projects in the Strip. The underside of the dome forms a LED scoreboard, provided by LG on which in the darkness shows are brought forward. Before the beginning of each of these shows the switched off in the adjoining casinos. Moreover, a cross-road which crosses the FSE is closed. Furthermore there are two stages on which free concerts can take place.

fremont street experience Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

The Fremont Street Experience (FSE) can look back at a long history. Here the first game of chance license was awarded, for example, in 1925 in Nevada in the Northern club. The Golden Nugget was the first hotel which was conceived from the outset as a casino. The FSE was sketched in the 1990s with the aim to lure more visitors into the Downtown area. The Fremont Street Experience (FSE) is, besides, a communal project of different casinos.

The construction began on the 7th of September, 1994 and lasted till February, 1995. Besides, a part of the Stetson had to be removed from Vegas Vic, a known landmark of Las Vegas. The first presentation took place with Nevada Symphony Orchestra. The first show was on the 31st of December, 1995. In June, 2004 the original scoreboard was substituted with a new one which can show 16.7 million colors.

fremont street experience united states of america Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

fremont street experience nevada Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

fremont street experience las vegas nevada Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

fremont street experience las vegas Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

The “dome” reaches a maximum height of 27 meters (90 feet), and extends more than 450 meters (in 1500 foot). Besides, she becomes supported from 16 columns, everybody with a weight of about 11,800 kg (26,000 pounds). In the dome 12.5 millions LEDs are right. Moreover, there are 220 loudspeakers which need a whole achievement of 550,000 watts.

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