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Fraser Island, Australia

by WCC on April 26, 2012

in Australia

The Fraser Island (English Fraser Iceland , formerly Iceland Great Sandy ) is the Australian state of Queensland owned island. With an area of 1840 square kilometers it is the largest sand island in the world. It lies about 190 kilometers north of Brisbane off the east coast of Australia. In the language of the Aborigines say they K’gari , which means something like “paradise”. The island has since 1992 been on the UNESCO World Heritage Site .

Fraser Island 550x358 Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island

The Fraser Island is 124 km long, average 15 km wide and covers 1840 km 2 (compared to complaints is about half that). The highest dune is about 240 meters high Mount Bowarrady . The island is open to the public part of the reserve Great Sandy National Park . Except for some rock formations of volcanic origin, such as rhyolite rock at Indian Head in the north-east of the island, Fraser Island is composed of sand. This sand is a product of erosion Great Dividing Range , the mountain range that runs along the entire east coast of Australia. He was by the river systems of northern New South Wales and from there to the sea by the prevailing southeast trade winds and ocean currents transported along the coast to the north. Finally, the sand was outstanding in some outcrops hung, built to dunes , and was initially stabilized by sand plant settlements. Over the millennia, and increased over the dunes formed then still new country. This land formation process continues until today.

On Fraser Island, there are nearly 200 freshwater lakes (eg Lake McKenzie ) of various types, which have an extremely clean and clear water. In parts of the lakes are such in a floating layer of groundwater: water on an impermeable layer of rock Coffee is (a compressed material of sand and organic matter). The other lakes on Fraser Island were caused either when sand dunes blocked waterways, or if a sink released underlying groundwater. The Lake Wabby will be buried in the next few thousands of a sand dune. On the east coast of the island is the 75-Mile Beach . He is considered the official Highway, by vehicles with four-wheel drive passable and serves as an airport for small planes. Bathing in the sea is dangerous, because there prevail treacherous currents, the waters are very deep and fast sharks live in the area.

Fraser Island Queensland 550x412 Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island Queensland

Fraser Island beach 550x366 Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island beach

Fraser Island Australia 550x412 Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island Australia

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