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by WCC on January 12, 2012

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France (officially French Republic, German French Republic) is a democratic, centralized unitary state in western Europe. Within Europe, it borders on Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, to Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Andorra, in the North Sea, the Atlantic to the English Channel and the Mediterranean. Include not only the territory in Europe to France Overseas Territories in the Caribbean (including Saint-Martin, which share a land border with the Dutch Sint Maarten has), South America (French Guiana, the land borders with Brazil and Suriname has), off the coast of North America in, Indian Ocean and Oceania. France also claimed part of Antarctica. France is a member of the European Union.

eiffel tower France

Overall, the “metropolitan France” in Europe, because of its shape as has l’hexagons is called (hexagon), an area of 547,026 kmĀ². France has also, apart from the Mediterranean Sea coast in the north and west, the landscape shaped mainly plains or rolling hills. In the southeastern half of the country is mountainous, mountains are the main Pyrenees, the Massif Central, the Alps and the Vosges in the east. The highest mountain in France and the Alps is Mont Blanc (4810 meters).

paris france France

By far the most important and largest city in France’s capital Paris with more than ten million inhabitants in the agglomeration (Region Ile-de-France). The large spaces around Marseille and Lyon have also considerably more than a million inhabitants.

France City

france city at night France

France City at Night

france city France

France Girls

france girls France

France Beach

france beach France

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