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Forbidden City, China

by WCC on February 29, 2012

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The Forbidden City ( Chinese 紫禁城 Zǐjìnchéng , Purple Forbidden City ‘or Chinese 故宫 Gugong , Imperial Palace ‘) is located in the center of Beijing . There lived and ruled until the revolution in 1911 the Chinese emperor of the dynasty Ming and Qing . The common people were forbidden to enter – what the name Forbidden City explains. The Forbidden City lies at the northern end of Tiananmen Square . In 1987 she became a UNESCO World Heritage site declared.

forbidden city 550x412 Forbidden City, China

forbidden city

The Forbidden City is a masterpiece of Chinese architecture dar. Your system corresponded to the worldview of the imperial rulers: an almost checkerboard floor plan – aimed at the North-South axis – and the Forbidden City as a symbol of power of the emperor in the center. In it, among others, were the palaces of the rulers. Roofs were partly gilded , and with all in yellow , covered the symbolic color of the Chinese emperor, glazed bricks. No building in the Forbidden City in Beijing was allowed to stand over height.

Yongle , the third Ming emperor, began 1406 with the construction of the Forbidden City. At times, a million slaves or built more than 100,000 artisans in it. Only through such an effort, it is evident that the construction could be completed 1420th. Yongle’s successors constructed the palace, but in his spirit, and advanced to him yet, plan on changing anything but neither he nor any other emperor. Therefore, the system is still always preserved in its original way, strictly directed north-south.

From 1420 to 1644 was the Forbidden City, seat of the Ming Dynasty . In April 1644 drew the peasant leader Li Zicheng entered Beijing and declared himself emperor, the last Ming emperor Chongzhen hanged himself. Soon Li Zicheng had, however, before the Manchus under the command of General Wu Sangui flee to the Forbidden City which set fire to a large extent. In October 1644, after the final victory of the Manchus in northern China held a ceremony in the Forbidden City, in which the six-year Shunzhi the first emperor of the Qing Dynasty was proclaimed. The rulers of the Qing Dynasty changed the name of the main building, where instead of the concept of supremacy was that of harmony emphasized.

1860 British-French troops occupied the Forbidden City until the end of the Second Opium War . In 1900 the fleeing Empress Dowager Cixi during the Boxer Rebellion of the Forbidden City, which was the following year, occupied by foreign powers again. After the Xinhai Revolution thanked the last emperor, Pu Yi , 1912 from. He lived after his abdication and his family for a while in the Chinese imperial palaces. In 1924, she finally had to leave the Forbidden City and the gates were opened to the public. While other monuments during the Cultural Revolution by Red Guards were looted or destroyed, the Forbidden City was spared, because they by armed forces of the People’s Liberation Army has been secured.

The Forbidden City now houses the Palace Museum Beijing and is a popular tourist attraction. Up to the 2008 Olympics , she was fully restored . An exhibition of The Emperor’s Private Paradise: Treasures from the Forbidden City was held in 2010 in the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem , Massachusetts , and instead showed 90 major ceremonial and other objects from the hidden garden shed, which Emperor Qianlong in the 18th Century building in the Forbidden City was. Most of the objects came to light only the public, when the restoration was carried out.

forbidden city map 550x470 Forbidden City, China

forbidden city map

forbidden city inside 550x412 Forbidden City, China

forbidden city inside

forbidden city gate 550x412 Forbidden City, China

forbidden city gate

forbidden city beijing china 550x412 Forbidden City, China

forbidden city beijing china

forbidden city at night 550x395 Forbidden City, China

forbidden city at night

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