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Florence, Italy

by WCC on April 23, 2012

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Florence is a city of Italy, capital of the region of Tuscany and capital of province. Located at the foot of the Apennines north, it is crossed by the river Arno. Cradle of the Renaissance in Italy, capital of the Kingdom of Italy between 1865 and 1870, listed as World Heritage of Unesco, Florence has a very rich artistic (churches, museums, palaces). Capital of Tuscany, the powerful city of the Medici hidden art treasures of the Renaissance behind the fence of his fortified palaces or churches, which plays the brilliant light of Italy.

florence Florence, Italy


The city is then dominated by different clans vying for power. In 1434, it was the Medici who become masters of the city. In 1569, Florence became the capital of Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The city keeps this time many monuments, including the church of San Miniato al Monte (1018), the church Santa Maria Novella, the church Santa Croce, the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore (il Duomo, whose dome is carried by the architect Brunelleschi), home to works by Giotto, Donatello or Michelangelo (see the references on all these monuments by genre).

Florence was the capital of the Arno, French department created on 25 May 1808, following the annexation of the kingdom of Etruria to the French Empire by Napoleonic troops. The city then known a period of slow decline until 1865, when it became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. It lost this status in 1870, in favor of Rome.

florence streets Florence, Italy

florence streets

florence statue Florence, Italy

florence statue

florence italy Florence, Italy

florence italy

florence duomo Florence, Italy

florence duomo

florence city Florence, Italy

florence city

florence bridge Florence, Italy

florence bridge

florence at night Florence, Italy

florence at night

pin it button Florence, Italy

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